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Betelgeuse's Toy Basket Free Pattern Tutorial

I decided to make a quick and easy toy basket for Betelgeuse's toys and made a pattern for it in case you wanted to make one for your dog or cats' toys as well. Betelgeuse is a goldendoodle and is currently 8 months old she is the wildest thing ever. We actually got her for free through a VA program and she starts training soon to become my husband service dog. All of our animals are named after science and/or space and Betelgeuse's name is no different. she named after the star in the Orion constellation (not the movie). Once upon a time she was smaller than the cats now she's like 7 times bigger than them and thinks there her toys that she can eat.  She defiantly got a poodle head for sure.  Betelgeuse Toy Basket -1/2 yard of fabric for the Main Fabric -1/2 yard of fabric for the L ining Fabric -3/4 ya rd of  Fusible Interfacing -1/2 yard of Fusible Interfacing  for the handles -needles  -thread -sewing machine -  Toy Basket Pattern   (download pattern and print at 10

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