Matinee dress and peplum top pattern from A Jenneine life

I got the opportunity to test out a pattern from A Jennuine Life awhile back this is when I was sick pretty much every day of my life with Essure in me killing me slowly. So, I'm now getting around to showing you all this amazing pattern I tested it's called The Matinee dress and peplum top and let me tell you this dress or peplum is a pattern everyone needs to own if you have a little girl in your life. The dress/peplum is so unique and perfect with the back on how it's opened is so grown up but yet still reserved enough for your little girl to enjoy it on the nice summer breeze days, their backs are opened and not sweaty :o).

I sewed on an accent to the knit skirt, the top part is woven :o)

button closure in the back add your cutest button for this beauty.

At the time of testing I got everything done besides the strip across the back with the button closure so just a few days ago I went back and finished it and now I can get pictures of Chloe wearing it with a finished back because it looked like this before..

Now the matinee dress or peplum top pattern looks like this....


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