Betelgeuse's Toy Basket Free Pattern Tutorial

I decided to make a quick and easy toy basket for Betelgeuse's toys and made a pattern for it in case you wanted to make one for your dog or cats' toys as well.

Betelgeuse is a goldendoodle and is currently 8 months old she is the wildest thing ever. We actually got her for free through a VA program and she starts training soon to become my husband service dog.

All of our animals are named after science and/or space and Betelgeuse's name is no different. she named after the star in the Orion constellation (not the movie).

Once upon a time she was smaller than the cats now she's like 7 times bigger than them and thinks there her toys that she can eat. 

She defiantly got a poodle head for sure. 

Betelgeuse Toy Basket

-1/2 yard of fabric for the Main Fabric

-1/2 yard of fabric for the Lining Fabric

-3/4 yard of Fusible Interfacing

-1/2 yard of Fusible Interfacing for the handles



-sewing machine

Toy Basket Pattern (download pattern and print at 100%)

Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the Main Fabric pieces.  Pin the two Main pieces of fabric together with the right sides together.  Sew along the sides and bottom, sewing 1/2 inch from the edge.

Hold the Main fabrics with the open side down.  Then pinch the bottom seam and side seam together. Push it flat. 

Lay a ruler across the corner, making a triangle.  Draw a line across the bottom of the triangle where the width is 7 inches.  Repeat for the other side. Cut off the triangle corners.

Turn the outside pieces of the fabric basket right side out.  

Sew the handles into place, sewing 1/4 inch from the edge.  For extra strength I sewed back and forth a few times. 

Make the lining for the inside.  By repeating the exact same steps, you did to the main fabric pieces BUT leave an opening in the bottom unsewn.

Put the main fabric of the basket into the lining part of the basket.  Pin and sew across the top of the basket, sewing 1/2 inch from the top.

Use the hole in the lining to turn the basket right side out.  Pin the hole in the lining closed and then sew it shut.

Tuck the lining into the basket and iron it nice and flat.


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