June 26, 2014

Part 2 of e hell

I had a doctors appointment today with my gyno and I got good news that I do not have cancer in my uterus but I have a lot of scar tissue, which is really bizarre. I've had three kids and then the essure put in in 2012 I didn't have c sections, I had all my children naturally and now my uterus is covered in scar tissue and my doctor said that is was is leading to the pain along with the essure coils. For the past two years I've been in pain with all these new pains coming and going throughout my entire body and for it to be caused by these two metal things sitting in your Fallopian tubes if you get lucky. A lot of the times they move and get stuck or can puncture the tubes or uterus. This is a sad thing, FDA should have never approved of something that can be so dangerous and deadly almost, Bayer knows they're wrong selling what my doctors him self said "piece of crap" on the market.

Yeah some women may love it great, but when you have a facebook page Essure problems with almost 9000 people on it, it has to spark concern in someone supporting this device that are suppose to be permanent birth control and yet some women are getting pregnant on it have miscarriages the list goes on. My only side effect I haven't had was pregnancy or a miscarriage but when you scroll down the side effect (http://essureproblems.webs.com/side-effects-of-essure) of essure I have about 95% of them and that's truly sad. Something needs to be done and i'm so glad all these women on this facebook page are taking a stand and not backing down, along with a list of doctors who want to help all of us women who are suffering everyday because of these two metal coils that have truly ruined the last 2 years of my life in so many ways its heartbreaking really.

Also we can not forget the amazing women we should all know her name by all the great things she has done so far in her life Erin Brockovich has now started to help out her page is http://www.essureprocedure.net/ you can head over there and take a look at what she has to say. She is trying to help women like me and everyone else who is struggling from this trap called Essure.

I'm suppose to be a mom to these three AMAZING children who need me who want me to play with them and do what i'm suppose to do as a mother, and i cry thinking about the things I can't do with them right now because of the pain i have. Picking up Trent sometimes is the worst he just turned two and picking him up at times as me in tears you just feel the stabbing pain of the coils, I feel the coils every day of my life EVERYDAY its not FUN AT ALL. It's not fair to my children or my husband being married its hard when you can't even bend or stretch with out curling up in pain and your husband wants to cuddle and you just want to cry.

Now 2 years later my AMAZING doctor who I just started seeing my third visit was today, sent my referral to my insurance to approval me and he said most likely in two weeks i'll be in the operating room getting my hysterectomy. This is what essure comes to either living with the debilitating pain or getting a hysterectomy and getting your life back so your child can have a mom that your suppose to be. I'll have more to come for sure as I still go along this journey of E HELL, but maybe I could save one person from getting it by telling my story first part is found HERE.

I have a bunch of pattern reviews and sewing to get done that I want to get done before I go under the knife so I will have life stories and reviews all rumbled together but at the top and end of all this i'll have a link to find all of the e hell stuff. if you have a story you want to share about e hell I share it on my blog just email me at amanda.widmayer@gmail.com

Amanda Rose

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