Leather Bow: tutorial with Free pattern

Today i'm going to show you all a really quick tutorial and I love the end results, a sweet little leather bow hair clips for your little girls or you.

If you have any leather scraps laying around this is a great way to use them up because one bow calls for very little leather you can also use suede, felt, wool, pretty much any fabric that does not fray.

Leather scraps
Hot glue gun/ or needle and matching thread
hair clip/ or pony tail etc

So first start by plugging in your glue gun so it can heat up then print the patterns I made, cut it out, then pin each piece on to what ever fabric you're going to be using for this project, cut 1 of each out.

Take you bow piece, grab your glue gun put a thin strip of glue on to one of the sides of the outer edge, then you just want to over lap your piece with the wrong side lapping just over the right side to make a circle.

let the glue dry a min or so then flip it around scrunch in the middle and place a dot of glue, hold until secure (I place a clip so I can go on to work on the tail and center pieces). If you do not have a glue gun you can always grab a needle and thread and sew up each step, it will take a little more time but it is something that can be done.

Next you take your tail piece and scrunch in the middle place a dot of glue in the middle hold on until dry.

Now before you move on you want to move to the center piece, this piece is super easy to do as well just place along strip of glue on the wrong side of the fabric and fold over one side of the fabric hold till dry, repeat for the other half.

The smooth side of the center piece will be the right side and the line side will be the side that will wrap around the fabric.

Okay now assembling the bow you take you tail piece and a dab on glue to one of the sides right where you bunched it up, you're going to glue it to the bow. 

Now take your center and add glue to the back of the bow place one side of the center down hold till dry, then wrap it around the front and you want to glue the other half to the top of the other half of the center.

now just take your clip you can attach it as is or you can wrap a piece of the fabric you are using around it then attach it.

attach it side ways,

or up to down.

Viola easy as pie or I should say easier then pie, there you have it a very easy and super cute leather bow hair clip I hope you make up a ton, I hope you and any little girl in your life love them :o).

If you make any up please show me the pictures send them to amandaroseforu@gmail.com.

Sora loves her new leather bow

I love the boots she got for Christmas :o)

Also i'm selling some bows leather or suede you can pick from i'm selling them in a pack: 1 big bow and 1 small bow for 12$ and 3$ s&h. If you would like to order a set (which I have sold A LOT so far) email me at amandaroseforu@gmail.com

Amanda Rose


  1. Absolutely love this bow! I would love to make it but the pattern is not showing up when i click it, it it no longer available?

  2. love this!!The pattern link is not found... is there another link?


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