Pop Tart Wall Art Tutorial

 If you know me personally or have me on Facebook than you know my house is the house of color. I really wanted to do something fun for artwork in the kitchen, so I decided to make these super easy little Pop tart wall art. Let me show you how I made them. 

I hung them above my garage door and laundry room door on my sprinkle wall in my kitchen I thought they would be fitting there.


Paint brushes
Paint markers (Posca)
Glue gun (optional)

I used two different colors: brown and ivory to get the right pop tart crust.  

Once you paint your canvas and it dries, I drew a squiggle where you're going to paint the "frosting" on. 

If you want sprinkles on your pop tart sprinkle them on while wet, so they stick. 

I made a Halloween one because its Halloween!

Paint them literally whatever colors you want and add any designs you want to them. sprinkles, a squiggle, and that is it, make them however YOU want them to be.

I hope you enjoy this quick little tutorial that can bring a fun new aspect to your design space.


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