Our home

 A year ago on December 19th, 2022, Andres and I got the keys to our forever home, there was only one other owner of our house that was built in 1973 and it happened to be someone famous in Arizona, Al McCoy the voice of the Pheonix Suns. I still can't believe I own a house I've come so far. if you know, you know. Al kept this house in perfect condition there's just a few flaws, but the house is 50 years old its perfection. 

I've done A LOT of making it my home, I put the most amazing tint you can think of on the front three windows when you walk past it is goes from green, blue, yellow, pink, orange depending on where you are standing and it's just everything ugh love it. I also cut down a bunch of bushes that were by the pink wrought iron. It will become a gnome garden once I actually get the motivation to dig up all the roots, why are they so hard to dig up? Just give up bush I want you gone, but that's seriously a job I'm avoiding like the plague someone please come do it for me 😫.

My gnomes may be inappropriate, but I do have the mind on a 12-year-old schoolboy and I'm just gonna be the true me and I have been ever since I got with Andres, I'm allowed to be me, and I won't get belittled like I use to in my throw the whole man away first marriage. 

The before and after pictures of the front "porch" area is wildly different. and I'm not done with this area but for now I'm happy with it I still need to topcoat it to make it shiny and I'm doing something with the panels going up the wall but as I show you more and more of my house, you'll see my ADHD everywhere because somethings are finished but most things are half finished.

Ariana my very good friend from when I worked at Amazon made this for me for my mailbox and I'll forever love it, it turned out so good and it just perfect for my house it's like the tint on my window when you look at it a certain way it changes colors. Obsessed 

This was my newest project that I've had planned for months but when you live in Arizona you gotta plan to do things outside very strategic and having cancer you need to make sure the sun isn't trying to kill you when you venture outside. so, I painted this last week and I'm loving how it came out I still have to do some things to it but I'm a fan. so far. 

This was when we didn't even own it, yet it was still Al McCoys, but I wanted to show a before and how different it looks now. I can't wait to show everyone the inside my next post will be my front half of the house!!

Most delivery drivers like to take a picture of my welcome mat and gnome, I really am friendly but please don't mess with me because I'm truly not the one 😘

When we took Sora (my middle child) to go see fluffy (Gaberial Iglesias) we saw the pictures above of the person we bought our house from Al McCoy, thank you for giving your house to an ADHD fueled by chaos and a creative mind person. Me, and my amazing husband he's the most perfect man and love of my life, I can't believe I got so lucky having him come into my life again and now we've been married for 4 years. I love you, Andres. 


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