TBTuesday: Mimi pattern review

Update: This Pattern is a big hit still, all of Mel's pattern's in her shop Filles a Maman are and we still are huge nerds about sciences I don't think that will every change just keep getting stronger and stronger and you will be seeing a bunch more science pieces from me which I hope you love as much as this family of 5 does :D. 

Hi everyone today is my day to share about this awesome shirt/tunic/even a dress the mimi dress and shirt pattern from the AMAZING Filles a Maman Mel seriously has the best eyes for fashion. I got to test her Rose skirt pattern which my middle daughter Sora still wears all the time because it's one of the best skirt patterns I've ever made EVER.

Sora rocking her new mimi shirt

Carl Sagan is a legend

Big and little dipper

shes my bug my crazy middle child who is so full of life

The Mimi dress and shirt pattern calls for knit just like the rose skirt did as well but I made them both out of woven I just wanted to show everyone the AWESOME options Mel's patterns truly have. It fits perfect I did size 5 and hand painted all over the front like you see in the pictures but instead of doing the loop in the front I did the loop in the back because of all the hand painting and nothing was on the back so I thought it would be a cool new look to add to it. I'm telling you I love these patterns just because you can do stuff like that and it looks like that's how it was suppose to be :)

In our home we are huge science fans my major is science we watched the Cosmos series every Sunday with our girls ( I love Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan of course). We watch a lot of science shows and learn about anything in space or whats going on around us here on Earth just to keep our children's heads full of stuff that my husband and I believe they should know and they love it, and that makes us proud parents. I love when they ask questions or even fun little things like when we look up at the clouds and we think of the craziest things we can see, that's the best thing about being parents teaching your children what you think is best for them and they love to learn about it. This is how me and my husband feel so I hope no one gets offended by that you should teach your children everything and anything that you believe in and whats best for your children.

This is the knit one I love it i'm still going to try and finish it I think maybe I need a different needle for my sewing machine or something. The knit doesn't look thin, but oh my it's thin and gets stuck in my machine but I am going to try and finish it and get pictures of it in knit :).

Now enough about my rambling :D you all need to run over to Mel's etsy shop and see all the amazing designs she comes up with and you all need to create them and have your children cherish them and when you ask where did you get that? you say I made it! Then you say I got the awesome pattern from Filles a MamanThere are so many different options when it comes to this pattern and all of her other ones as well that's why I love them so much you can make it different lengths, different sleeves, different front styles (fringe, loop and button) that is the best part about getting patterns like the ones Mel creates because you know that it's going to be coming with a bunch of different options so you don't have to just make it one way.
You can also hand stamp your fabric like I do A LOT lol or add on different things to make it even more your style or taste its so versatile and everyone should applaud her for all the work she puts in for each one of her patterns.

I just want to thank you Mel for letting me have the opportunity to test your patterns even with all my health problems i'm having right now, I just turned 27 and i'm having a hysterectomy in 2 weeks crazy but i'm hoping it gives me back my health, my life, and what I've always wanted to strive for a future of blogging and making great pieces of clothing :) and also getting through my clinicals to be a nurse.

So all in all her patterns every single one of them are absolutely AMAZING and if it couldn't get any better she makes girls and boys patterns so you really cant get any better then that :)....seriously....



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