Gidget Jacket By OUSM designs

I was picked to test the Gidget Jacket By OUSM designs, this jacket is perfect for spring days when your little one wants to wear a light jacket they can just throw it on and will be able to but it on them self with the sweet little bow strap that has a button closure you could easy add Velcro so it could be even more easy for them to put on and take off.

My daughter Sora is going to be a paleontologist when she grow up she has been saying this for 2 years now and she is only 6, set those goals early baby girl. So I grabbed this amazing fabric from SAS which is the best fabric store of all times. I even had so much left over I have made her a pillow case (another blog post soon) and working on the rest of her bedding.

The gidget jacket fits her personally so well and she has been wearing it to school with her dinosaur spikes backpack. She is rocking the dinosaur look and I hate when it seems like only boys can like and wear dinosaurs in this house hold we do things opposite I guess. :o) we kind of always have.

You can make it with a plain fabric so it can match with everything they wear, or you can make a really fun print they will enjoy wearing with everything even if it doesn't match :o)

Sora loves everything about this jacket and the fact it has dinosaur everywhere on it 

She could have went down a size on the testing but that's what happens sometimes with testing you do a size to big or small, so the sleeves are a little big. but I think she still looks oh so precious in it 

She knows she looks so precious in it as well, make sure you head over to OUSM designs to grab the gidget jacket and to look at all there other amazing designs they have created.



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