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{Canadian Pattern Designer Blog Tour}

I'm so excited to be apart of the Canadian pattern blog tour today, life has been full of ups and downs lately. When I signed up for the tour I first went through each amazing designers page I then came across E & E Patterns I seen the ponderosa dress I knew immateriality that was the patterns I had been trying to find a design just like this dress for FOREVER. So I quickly signed up to test which i'm so grateful I did I have made 3 of them so far, but for the tour I really wanted something a little crazy with a wow factor and a whole lot of fun in one outfit so that is exactly what I accomplished in this one dress.

I wanted to have my daughter be involved with this dress because the other three ponderosa dress's I sewed up I just grabbed some great quality fabric and they were finished in under 30 minutes, which is amazing because they're such a FAST sew. But this one I wanted to have more meaning to it with having my daughter help, so if you have ever been on my blog and flipped through the pages you will see I love painting on fabric so I thought you know lets do just that with this great pattern.

So I grabbed this great almost neon pink that the kids GG Erik's grandma had picked up for me because every month she always brings me a goody bag of fabric and each one is always a yard or more so its very exciting and i'm so grateful for it. I thought this would be a great pink to start out for something great so I didn't know what we were going to paint on it yet but, I started thinking evil eyes because I have ALWAYS been drawn to them for like 5 years now and I just really like how simple they can look but yet how big of a impact they can take on with meaning. So I thought it would be simple enough for Chloe to make and fast enough to dry up in a sitting.

So Chloe and I got to work we started on the back first we had bottles of puffy paint and with the tip being thin and pointed out it was the perfect utensil to draw an eye with. We kind of just went crazy on the back then my 3 year old son thought it would be a really awesome idea to touch it while it was trying to dry so there are some crazy imperfections on it from Trent, but it's still perfect in our eyes.

When we got to the front we were debating on just drawing a million more eyes or taking it one step up and drawing a huge eye with eyelashes and glitter eye shadow...oh yes we went ALL out :o)

I made the cat necklace (pattern from see kate sew) from real leather, a gold stud, and a gold cord. I then made a tassel from the left over piece of leather and attached it to the back, when I was taking pictures I just flipped it so she wore the tassel for the front and the cat for the back I think it looked pretty cool and different.

So this dress may look a little different from the ponderosa dress because it requires knit and I used woven, i'm infamous for taking patterns that require knits and sewing woven from them (Rose Skirt by Filles a Maman) so what I did was I just cut a slit at the back neckline, added a loop and sewed a button on. Viola, it's a woven ponderosa dress. I also didn't add the bias at the neck I just sewed the under pieces to the top pieces the clipped the curves then flipped, next iron and sew around the neck. This was the first ponderosa I made in woven between the other three I had sewn up, I told you I wanted different and a little out there.

 Chloe decided at literally the last second she wanted to add something to the bottom, and she decided right because it does look great and brings the dress together. She got her paint out and add a line of evil eyes to the bottom and she did such an awesome job with this entire outfit so proud of my little 8 year old.. I serge all the end of the fabric and left them as is, I think it work perfect for this dress.

Chloe's nana found these awesome thrift store shoes that had never been worn tags still on and she thought that Sora would love them, she is right she does love them only thing there still to big on her but guess what her older sister fits into them perfectly. They were meant to be for this awesome great one of a kind piece. the Ponderosa dress by E & E Patterns.

Thank you so so so much for letting me be apart of this fun blog tour I can't be anymore thankful and excited to share off what me and my daughter made. After all the things I have been through the last few months, life was actually fun for the last few days making this GREAT dress that I will be making many more of and maybe even modifying it more to see what other great stories can come from a great dress that came from a designer who shared of one of those great ideas.

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Also make sure you stop over at E & E Patterns to check out there amazing blog with tutorials, free patterns and all there amazing collections they have, you will not be disappointed. 

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  1. This dress is super cute and creative!

  2. So creative! I love that you got your daughter involved in designing it. Thank you so much for having taken part in the tour! :)


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