Bedtime for Children?

{ Regular bedtime with children? or Not?}

Everyone should know by now that I have three children and I will only ever have three children seeing I had a hysterectomy last August. When Erik and I first got pregnant I was only 19 years old Erik was 23 we were super young but for the most part we had it all together at least I think? We would talk a lot about what we wanted for her and everything that comes along with having children, we always knew that we wanted her to have a set bed time.

They may not be so happy in the beginning....

That's exactly what we did of course when there newborns you're on their time but when they get a little older that's when you start putting them down every single night in there OWN bed, they may cry the first few night but they will get over it. Then you will have children who go to bed every night at the same time which is much better then you would ever think when having children When our girls were in school (it's summer break now) they would go to bed at 7:30 (well lay down at that time with a show on) now it's summer time I let them stay up a little longer. But Trent is so use to that time he always goes and lays down at that time and falls a sleep it's so sweet, his little body is so use to going to bed at that time he can't help but go lay down even though his sisters are still up....precious.

But in the end they will be happier just like you will be :o)

I know so many people who don't have sleep schedules for there children and I see how frustrated they get when they just want to have there time at night or even alone time with there husband or significant other. I say even if they're older kids (not teens because they will rebel like no other with all those hormones running through them) it's still never to late to implement bed time schedules they will act like babies at first and hate you and cry but after a few nights or weeks or months...ha there little brains will get use to it and want to go to bed every night at that time you scheduled.

In the beginning your on there time in the end they're on your time.

Remember that, don't get frustrated with them because that won't help with anything, stay calm even when they're freaking out and you just want to cuddle them that's just what there hoping for so you give in and they get there way once again. The best advice is to NEVER let them sleep with you that's on the road to a failure of getting them on a bed time because then they will think they can go to bed when you do and I don't know how that is comfy with legs and arms whacking you in the face all night long. Enjoy your bed with little arms free and they can enjoy flapping away in there own bed.



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