The Garden Girl Collection; Mckenzie, by Shwin Designs

I was honored to be able to test the Jane and the Mckenzie from the Garden Girl Collection these two pieces of the collection are going to be made a dozen and one times also I already purchased the Stella so I now have the complete collection, I love every piece there all so unique and classic with such a fun modern twist on them.

Sora got her dinosaur fabric for the Jane and Chloe gets her space fabric for her McKenzie I think i'm teaching my kids just right :o). My husband and I are teaching our children science we don't have a religion (and no that doesn't make us an atheists) we want our kids to see everything around them and look up to what's past Earth, our Star and Solar System to believe in the bigger picture. ( And by no means do we put down anyones religion, and my children can grow up and be an religion they want and I will still love them just the same, and my children no about religion as well there not sheltered from reality)

I wish I was born in a time where we were already on different planets and traveling to new world, but I can only dream. Maybe Chloe will grow up to be my little astronaut but for now we go to the planetarium every month, every night we look up at the stars and we have the kids point out the stars they know (which is a lot) and we just want their little heads to be filled of everything we can give them educational wise and let them spread their wings.

The Mckenzie tunic  was the PERFECT pattern for this fabric I love the low back and the pleats on the front and back, when I started sewing both the Jane and Mckenzie I only sewed for an hour and both were complete now that is what a pattern should be fast sews and unbelievably beautiful results.

My brother again got these constellation books for Chloe for her birthday, my sister in law and brother get the BEST books and educational stuff for my kids, makes me really happy. I can't wait until they have children they're going to be awesome parents :o) love you guys.

Make sure you head over to Shwin Designs and grab the Garden Girl Collection or you can grab each pattern separately but I can see everyone just grabbing the collection because you will want to sew all three of them up in no time.

Amanda Rose


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