The Garden Girl Collection; Jane, By Shwin Designs

If anyone knows my family by now knows that Sora is OBSESSED with dinosaurs and that she is without a doubt going to be a paleontologist when she grows up, and were all helping her with that goal by getting her dinosaur books and anything and everything we can that will help her along the way. Life is about helping your children follow their dreams and helping them along that path of getting to their goals in life.

I got the honor of being a tester for Shauna's new patterns this is the Jane from the garden girl collection it's such a fast sew and its so lovely when it's finished, I love EVERYTHING about the jane top and dress it is an A-Line top or dress with front gather detail, long or short sleeves and the optional peter pan collar. it's Girly and unique and it has a classic feel with a modern twist.  

I did the top with the peter pan collar and I love it so much I also found this great dinosaur fabric from SAS the best fabric store in Arizona, I had to go back and get more because once I showed her this top with the fabric she said "I only want to wear the dinosaur fabric from now on" so i'm going to make her a blanket and pillow case with the fabric :)

I love how the Jane can make any fabric girly, it really is an amazing pattern and you can whip one together in under 30 minutes that's an even better plus.

The back has a great button closure with an easy thread loop tutorial that comes with it, so this pattern is truly for beginners no buttons just a very simple thread loop button closure, and of course a great button to go with your amazing top or dress.

My brother always gets the kids awesome educational gifts and this is what he got Sora for her birthday in March, everyone is just helping that goal :o)

Make sure you go grab the Jane Top or Dress you will not be disappointed and before you know it you will have 5 sewn up :) if you want the entire collection grab the Garden Girl Collection here this collection is one of my favorite collections each pieces is so unique and lovely you will have to make them matching, different, or for every season.

Amanda Rose


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