Koda BEK Bermudas by Koda Baby

I got to test a boys pattern well actually they're unisex so there great for boys and girls, so this time around I made a pair of koda bek bermuda shorts for Trent and let me tell you about these short AHH they're just so perfect literally in every way. 

The shorts go from 3 months to size 8, I did a size 2 on Trent but he's still so little he really needs to be in a size 1, and I already made him another pair in the size 1 they fit even more perfect and he says he loves them and he's TWO haha hes so cute and the pictures he took are just so precious.

Instead of running off like he normally does when I say lets go take pictures he just stands there and starts doing the cutest little poses possible. I think he has been watching his sisters take pictures and got some tips haha :) I love him so much 

I had made this shirt awhile ago it's the Omni Tempore pattern by Sofilantjess and I thought lets use the rest of this great fabric and pair the two together and they look awesome as an outfit :) 

Trent held his shirt up so he could show how these aren't just a typical pair of shorts they're so unique and has a great twist to them that make them a pair of Koda bek bermuda shorts the top has snaps and hooks although I used snaps and velcro which worked out just as great and that is how to open them and they fold down in the front so easy on and off for bathroom use etc.

They also have great little functioning pockets in the front so your little ones can place all their treasures they find and have them for safe keeping.

Trent knows how to show off some great looking shorts if you ask me :o) so go grab your Koda Bek Bermuda Shorts now and the best thing of all there is a sale going on for 20% off until the 12th of April just use code: BekBermudas. Not to much time left so run as fast as you can and get your shorts before it's too late.

Amanda Rose


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