Kelly's Twirly Skirt by Bella Sunshine Designs

I got the opportunity to test this great pattern from Bella Sunshine Designs the Kelly's twirly skirt for girls and women or you can get the bundle so you and your little girl can match how cute would that be? SUPER CUTE :o)


I of course hand stamped the fabric because when I seen a plain piece of fabric thats just what I have to do haha...So I grabbed my camera stamp that I got for 50 CENTS and my fabric paint and stamped away and then you cannot forget to iron it after it dries to set the paint in the fabric.

She said she felt like a ballerina in this skirt and I totally agree with her she looks so pretty in this skirt, and the stamped fabric just adds more uniqueness to it.

She had to do ballerina moves of course, the twirl skirt is a double circle skirt that has major twirl to it which is perfect for little girls and it has a yoga band waist making it super comfy no elastic making this skirt a super beginner pattern that everyone needs for their daughter or little girl in their life. 

And when your little one forget they're wearing a skirt you have nothing to fear because this double circle twirl skirt has modesty shorts built right in to the skirt. You don't have to add the shorts but if your always telling your little girls to remember she's wearing a skirt this is the pattern for you.

I LOVE everything about how this skirt looks I mean seriously look at it, it looks hand stamped and that makes me love it even more hehe :o)

Head on over to Bella Sunshine Designs and grab the Kelly's Twirly Skirt and a bundle or separately there is a sale going on right now so this is the perfect time to grab it for summer coming up and for spring time now. Even in winter you can put tights on underneath them and then shorts will slip right over the twirly skirt :o)

Amanda Rose 


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