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~Cousu meaning stitched in French

Anyone who knows me knows that sew straight and gather is my all time favorite pdf pattern shop. Terri is the owner and designer of all the amazing patterns she has such an eye for style when making her patterns she knows how to style young little girls and Chloe 100% agrees.  Chloe loves wearing sew straight and gather every pattern I have made her she will some how always run back to Terri's patterns, which I would be running to them as well. This time around was no different and Sora went running to the Jacket as well they were literally fighting over who gets to have it so I told them they get to share it until I make them each one :o)

Chloe wearing her Cousu Jacket and Etage dress (also one of Terri's amazing patterns find my review and tutorial here )
This time Terri made a collection  of pieces the Cousu Jacket , Trousers/Gauchos  and dress/top. I tested the Jacket and the Gauchos and they are so amazing I can't even tell you enough about them both pieces call for darts and that is what truly makes each pattern the darts make them stand out and unique.  Darts are actually  super fun to sew up if you have never sewn them up before this is your time now because even though they look intimidating they truly are not, and then they you sew the up and look at your work you just smile at how good they look and add to your piece.

When you purchase The Cousu Collection you will first see when you open up the pattern how professional the pdf is, how unique and different they are. Terri designed her patterns so they stand out that are par to none, she spends so much time getting everything just perfect that I believe she goes past perfect her designs and pdf layouts can't be compared to anyones because they're that top notch. 

 In this picture of the gaucho's I got to test, you can see the amazing darts that make the trousers/gauchos stand out from any ordinary gauchos. With in the Jacket and Gauchos in one of the darts lies the pockets which is really fun as well because they lay flat you wouldn't even know there is a pocket unless you put your hand in them. 

So when I printed the pattern out and was thinking what fabrics that would go great for this one of a kind piece I went right to my suede, and I decided to cut right into late into the night when I was all done cutting them out I had realized more than once I should not cut my fabric while tired. As you can see I cut my arms out wrong, that is why you see real leather as I ran out of suede. Then for the collar I thought why not add leather to another area so it doesn't look to weird and I LOVE how it looks on the collar I may have said a few not so nice words to it as I was flipping it right side out, but in the end I was really happy how it turned out. When we went to my in laws the next day and Chloe was wearing it they could not believe that I had made the jacket :o) 

The gauchos have a flat front and elastic in the back, along with pockets and nice cuffs, they also a classic flair out. they come in size 2t- 12 you can sew the darts on or leave them off, also you can keep the cuffs and pockets on or off they will work for either option.

The Cousu Jacket comes in with sizes 2t-12, it has darts on the front and back of the coat making it so fun and unique looking along with pockets in a dart and sandwich between the main and lining fabric also it is fully lined and you can choose between a long or half sleeves. 


I love how the lining turned out suede on the outside business on the inside :o) a paris themed lining and my favorite buttons Coco Chanel inspired. Everytime I go to the best fabric store around SAS I get a handful of the buttons all buttons there are 25 cents and under this store is the best so dang cheap, almost all the fabric there are 2.99 a yard. 


Don't forget to pick up The Complete Cousu Collection while it's on sale and make sure you grab the rest of her patterns if you don't already have them :o).

Amanda Rose


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