Leather Heart Accents Tutorial with Pattern

So I wrote this tutorial up months ago and i'm just now getting around to posting it ( I have 7 other tutorials just sitting in my drafts as well, I need to get on top of this problem ASAP). I took the pictures of Chloe right before the sun went down today, I love how photogenic she is. I started going through all the fabric I have on hand in January because, one of my new years goal is to use at least half of my fabric I have on hand this year, trying not to buy any new fabric until I complete this simple goal. So far I've been doing and awesome job using up quite a bit so far and I have not purchased any fabric so far :o) yaah me.

So one day I was going through my bins to see if I had any hidden gems I forgot about over the years and I completely had, I received 2 real leather jackets awhile back and they're old school like i'm talking these were hot in the 80's but at first glance now you wonder what they were thinking making something so ugly back in the day haha. I thought immediately I can use this leather for tons of stuff so I went to work cutting up every inch that was salvageable and then just threw away the bone of the jacket. I just cut up one of the jackets because my hand hurt so bad afterwards and I have so much leather I can make about 50 projects so i'm uber excited about that because, there is so much that can be done with leather, like my leather bow tutorial with free a pattern. I'm going to show you a little tutorial I did with just a tiny amount of the leather I cut up from the jacket.

Leather Heart Accents Tutorial with Pattern.....

Leather scraps
1/4 inch elastic

So you first want to head over to scattered thoughts of a crafty mom and print out her pattern for her AMAZING princess peasant top, then follow the directions on how she makes her long sleeve peasant top but before you sew it up this is where I come in. Take your heart template cut it out and pin to the leather and just cut out as many as you would like, you will have a nice little stack in the end. It's your preference on how many hearts you want you could just do one in the corner or you could do a bunch all over like I did.

Once all your hearts are cut out arrange them any way you want on your peasant top then pin each one down so they're secure while you sew each little heart on, then head over to your sewing machine and get sewing....

once all your hearts are sewn on go back to scattered thoughts of a crafty mom and sew up your princess peasant top.

I serged all the raw edges because every time I touched the ends of the fabric it would just fray like crazy, so now that all the edges look pretty, you can make the casing at the neck and then thread the elastic through.

Anyone that knows me personally knows that i'm NOT a huge fan of boutique style clothing but there is just something about this peasant top that i'm absolutely in LOVE with. I'm actually in love with every single tutorial that is on scattered thoughts of a crafty mom and all her free patterns she generously has are all sizes that my girls fit in to right now. I literally want to make every single thing she has made and that just might be something I do in 2015.

I do have some simple goals this year like to start sewing and selling boutique items they're such huge hits and I guess I just didn't want to conform but I think I will make them but still put my own little twist on them to still make them me. Also I want to make some couture pieces couture = to sew everything by hand, never once can a couture piece be touched by a sewing machine :D something I've been wanting to do but never felt good or wanted to spend that much time on a piece but i'm at least tackling one this year. And I have a few other goals but those are health wise, I hope you all have some simple goals as well don't make elaborate ones that you know that will never be kept that what I've learned small simple will make you feel like you fulfilled all your new year goals.

Amanda Rose


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