Holiday Cutout Dress & Top by Bella Sunshine Designs

I'm so excited today to be showing of this great dress or top called The Holiday Cutout it comes with 6 different cutouts each with three different sizes. This pattern is so unique as soon as I seen it I wanted to jump on the opportunity to sew it up and see for myself just how awesome this pattern really is. The pattern took me about 30 minutes to make and that includes printing the pattern out, taping it together, and cutting the fabric out to sewing it up, really one of those sewing patterns where you can get it sewn up in a time crunch for sure. The pattern comes with a heart, shamrock, bunny, star, pumpkin, and tree cut out with each one coming in sizes small, medium, and large to be able to pick which size you would like for your top or dress.

When I got the pattern I wasn't sure which cutout I was going to use yet then I asked Chloe and her dad and they along with me agreed it should be the bunny. So the only next step to do was pick out my fabric and get to sewing....

I was nervous at first because the only shapes i've sewn before was a heart so I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to mess up, let me tell you it's fool proof there is no way you could mess up sewing on the shapes. What I did to make it even easier was I took the cutout and laid it on top of my back piece then I took a washable pen and drew around it so I could just go and sew the main and lining piece together with ease. It worked perfectly!

I made my own bias tape but if you want it to go even faster just buy pre made bias tape and it will be less then 30 minutes :o). I just like making my own because I can use any fabric I would like and it really goes fast for me I made it all in about 5 minutes I think because I have been making it for so long I can grab both side hold in and iron then fold and iron. Brains are amazing!

I LOVE this outfit together it's so stinking cute (I made the gaucho's as well) This is such a perfect piece for summer time and seeing Arizona has the hottest winter on record this year it's going to be hotter than 120 most likely this summer and were going to be dying over both of my daughter's will be living in their Holiday Cutout Dress or Top Sora my youngest daughter already told me she wants the tree, heart, and bunny cutouts :o) so a lot more tops and dress will be in the making very soon.

All I have to do is make another bunny cut out top or dress and both of my girls will have their easter outfits already done for this year, it's simple but stands out and makes a statement and thats exactly what I love about this pattern. 

I made the large size of the bunny, but you can do all different sizes and then when it gets colder out you can layer it with a shirt underneath. You can also place the cut outs on different parts of the dress or top by placing coordinating fabric under so its a cutout of fabric popping through. So many different options for this simple yet versatile pattern that should be a staple for any little girls wardrobe.

Don't forget to go grab the Holiday Cutout Dress and Top right now you can get 20% off by using the code BLOGTOUR it's only good until the 20th so run over and grab it before it expires. 

Amanda Rose


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