Helios dress from Golden Rippy

you can use any scrap you want and this dress will turn out super cute its called the Helios dress from Golden Rippy who we all know is AMAZING at what she does, a great pattern designer.

I used crazy scarps on mine because it was a muslim but I still like how its funky and fun looking. 

I used her normal size on this dress but I need to size down to fit a little better otherwise it an AWESOME dress and concept which i'm going to be making another one soon with fun bright colors for the "sun" dress.

It had a simple zipper in the bank which because the dress is bigger than her we really don't need the zipper but when I size down and its a perfect fit I will put in the zipper.

The Sundress half the sun is on the dress and the pieces around it are the sun filaments if you want to get science about it :o) which I will be doing in the next helios dress. Pick up the Helios at golden rippy's website she has some amazing pattern so I can see you all walking out with more than one pattern because I know I did :).

Amanda Rose


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