March 9, 2015

Crafting Con; Once upon a time.....The Cosmos

I'm so excited to be sharing my post today for Crafting Con the theme for March is Once upon a time and I decided that Chloe and I would write our own Once upon a time story instead doing a disney character or a movie. I thought if we had put thought into and behind our words they would mean more to us and make this month a little more exciting than having to do something pre planned or is what Chloe and I came up with :o) hope you enjoy!

Words can spark a flourish of creativity ~ Amanda Rose

Once upon a time there was a little girl who longed to travel among the stars, you would often see her looking upwards in a daze at the twinkling lights in the night sky. She always asked her parents if they would travel to space one day, and her parents would always respond with "anything is possible, dear". She smiled knowing that maybe she could one day be up close with her favorite planets, stars, even see a nebula or the countless other spectacles of the universe, she was a wanderer at heart and everyone wanted her to shoot for the stars.

Once a month the family would visit the free shows the planetarium offered as they all longed for the night sky as well, every day she became more and more fascinated with all the wonders that lived beyond our pale blue dot. My favorite planet in our solar system is Saturn shouted the intelligent young girl, maybe one day we will be able to travel there to see the thousands of rings to the bright colors Saturn hold along with it's many many moons.

Her parents would get her books about space so she could read all that scientist have learned over the decades of looking through telescopes and seeing everything that is out in the dark cold place we call outer space. Each year that passed she never lost interest, and when it was time for her to go to college she went to study science, graduated: got a job at NASA, became an astronaut to go to space liked she always longed happily ever after.

Written by Chloe and Amanda Evans

The Cosmos is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be ~ Carl Sagan

Never let your children give up on their dreams, one day they might just come true.

I took an artist point of view when making Saturn, I first wanted to find a great pattern to make a comfy and fun looking dress. The pattern I picked out was the Uptown / Downtown dress pattern with expansion pack from Sew Straight and Gather this is one of my daughter's favorite patterns she loves how every time I make an uptown/downtown dress it always has such soft fabric and how it flairs out at the bottom.  I thought this pattern was great for representing space perfectly with it fitting well on top and getting bigger to the bottom, in the beginning the big bang started with a tiny amount of energy exploded and from there has been expanding and getting bigger everyday since.

One of my easy but many goals for this year is that I must use all the fabric I have in my home before I can go out and buy anything new, this is exactly what I did for this awesome piece I made. I knew I wanted the main fabric pieces to be a dark color to represent space so I went through my bins and found this super soft blue knit.
I then started thinking about the colors of Saturn and thinking what fabrics I could possible use to make this great planet work and stick out. I came across this great gold fabric that had all these ripples and impressions in it and thought this would be great for Saturn, it's true color is almost butterscotch with swirls or white through out. Last I thought lets do something fun for the rings I found a bunch of lace and settled with the white because, when you always look at photos of Saturn you see the sun reflection of the rings showing them to look white, I then wanted them to look 3D so I turned it into a ruffle across the gold silky planet we know as Saturn.

For the rest of the Saturn dress I added pockets on both sides, 3/4 length sleeves, and made it a high low dress. I then paired it with some fun black and white polka dot tights, black boots and then went outside and took some fun pictures I love how it turned out and how it looks on my little girl, Chloe has since refused to take of the dress.
In the end Saturn is Chloe's favorite planet in our solar system, we do go to the planetarium every month and our children do love it, science is HUGE in our home. My daughter's already know what they want to be when they grow up so we're keeping their dreams alive by getting and showing them books, shows, anything that has to do with the career they always talk about. Never give up on your children they are the future and we have to help them get there by showing them the way when they're kids, get them interested in life while they're younger so they literally will shoot for the stars when they're adults.  

Amanda Rose

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