February 2, 2015

The Jemma tunic or dress

When I seen this amazing little dress/tunic called The Jemma I had to see what it was all about. it's super sweet and so so easy to sew together one of the fastest patterns I think I have, the style is spot on for boutique style clothing and over the top all around cuteness :o). I think if you know how to sew and you have a little girl in your life this is 100% the pattern for you, this summer I foresee lots of little girls wearing their Jemma's either as a dress or a tunic with leggings underneath.

So yesterday was the first day it hadn't rain in a couple of days but it was so foggy it was like the clouds were chilling out on the ground instead of in the sky it was so crazy, but around 2 pm they finally decided to go back to where they belong. We then all got in the car and drove around downtown Mesa which is pretty small but it has it's little hidden gems. I knew I had seen a Mural some where and Erik's like I know exactly what your talking about and so he took me to it (which is like blocks away from my house which is AWESOME) and I thought it would be great for taking pictures with and it was, it was fun using a mural as a backdrop my first of many for sure :o)

The Jemma tunic and dress  features a sweetheart neckline that is showcased by two different bow styles, as the back of bodice can be made with shirring or using elastic casing. if you decide to do the dress or tunic either way will have the adorable ruffle that goes all the way around it, with the summer/spring time some days can be chilly so you can always layer a short or long sleeve shirt underneath there will be enough room with the elastic in the back that helps it stretch. The Jemma pattern comes in size 12 months to size 6 great size range and roomy with the elastic back, everything is very easy to understand with great step by step pictures and guides to help you from start to finish.           

Marisa has an amazing design aspect and I can't wait to see the rest of her designs that she comes up with.  Her shop Laela Jeyne Patterns when you have the chance please pick up your Jemma pattern and every new pattern that will pop in the shop over the next few weeks :o)

Chloe had so much fun with this mini little shoot i'm always scared to pick out all these different fabrics because I think it will turn out insane, so Chloe picked out the fabrics she wanted to have her dress be that way she will wear it more than if I just pick everything out. (I've noticed that lately) This is what she came up with and I think she looks amazing in it just like everything she wears. She turned 8 on Jan 26th and the day before I was tired of hearing Chloe and Sora (her sister) complaining about their long hair so I took my scissors and I chopped both of their hairs off up to their ears :D. I actually really like it Chloe's hair is really curly so it bounces up some but Sora's hair is stick straight so even though their hair is even length right now Sora's looks longer... easy maintenance and no more complaining now I like that :o)

We first went to the orange trees (where I did Effie trinkets shoot) but then we quickly realized this was not going to be a fun shoot because of all the rain we had just got for those few days made that ground feel like quick sand/mud we were sinking in it and it was just like ahhhhhhh run lol so we then went down to the mural...although I love this spot, we will use it when it's nice and dry like the summer air we get in Arizona :o)

The oranges are all ready for picking and we keep getting bags and bags full of them from Erik's grandma (gg) from her orange trees in her back yard, they're so yummy and juicy and I want to say they are helping with our sickness...but....i'm not to sure...lots more to come been so sick need to catch up tutorials and other goodies I have in store


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  1. The dress, the model, the background are all fabulous! I'm all about mixing prints and you mixed it just right!


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