Sew Straight Patterns: Etage Dress plus tutorial

I was so excited when I got the opportunity to test the Etage dress it looks like this would be a tricky dress putting/sewing together but it wasn't what so ever. It was like putting a puzzle together all the pieces fit all in the right spot it's definitely one of a kind, and a must for any little girl in your life. I was so excited once I was almost done with this dress I knew it was a winner when Chloe put it on and the first thing she did was twirl in it. It truly is an AMAZING dress or top even her daddy (my husband) was like wow that dress is really cool.

You can purchase The Etage dress or top pattern here head over to sew straight and gather and look around at all of the amazing stuff Terri has on her blog it's one of a kind just like her patterns. I truly can not praise this dress enough, it's on my top 5 pattern list of all times for sure and the size range is great as well goes from size 12 months to 12 tweens.

The Etage dress or top is a pattern for knits so it can stretch over your little ones head as well as the twirl factor bumps up to level 20 when it's knit fabric compared to woven fabrics, it's looser and more light weight for it to flow while she twirls :o).

The Etage can either be a dress or top as well as 3 sleeve options; short, half, or sleeveless lots of options for amazing versatility. This pattern has features that are starting to really gain popularity in the PDF world you're able to pick the size or sizes you want to use and just print that size/s out so you just have the one size/s you need how cool is that? It's less work for you which, is pretty stinking cool if you think about it! The Etage is fully illustrated with very detailed instructions and great colored pictures to show EXACTLY how it goes together so you don't get confused at all while sewing your Etage dress or top up. I thought the best part of the instructions was how Terri designed this picture and it shows exactly how the dress goes together, with each layering going this way and that way and next and next, literally a perfect puzzle with every piece lining up to a T she did an AWESOME job!

So not only am I showing you this one of a kind everyone needs to own dress!!! I'm showing you a little tutorial. We ALL know that I love to paint on fabric and of course that is what I did with this dress, I am going to show you all how to stamp with a potato! Yes a POTATO!!! I love painting/stamping on knits as you can see here when I was stamping with stickers I had purchase at the 99 cent store,  it's fun and it's a super simple idea. Also it's all in the fabric paint as well the best fabric paint EVER I think, is Dharma Trading Company speedball fabric screen printing ink the color is bright doesn't fade feels amazing all around the best and perfect paint to use on any of your fabrics. BUT don't forget to iron it after it dries it must set and then it will stay pretty forever :o).

I knew this dress was going to be for Chloe so I asked her what shape she wanted me to hand paint on to some of the pieces of the dress and the first thing she said was diamonds. So I went to work :o)

Diamonds Diamonds every where 

~The fabric you are stamping
~a potato
~carving tools
~fabric paint
~paint brush

Cut the potato in half and then you can get a marker and draw your design out on it but I just went right at it simple enough design I didn't think I would mess it up :o)

take a knife or if you have stamp making tool like you see here (also from Dharma Trading company) just go at it carve around it, make it deep enough so that the paint were to get on the edges it will still be okay not to go on the fabric.

clean it up very good and make sure the top is smooth and not bumpy other wise it wont turn out how you would like it on your really is that simple...

Grab your fabric paint as you can see I need to order more because mine is getting really low, I always get my fabric paint ( and my carving tools etc) from Dharma Trading they're my favorite crafty store. It's a must just so you all know :P

Slather it on the shape not to much and for sure not to little and stamp away....

You can stamp it how ever you would like, you can go crazy or do it in a line or a couple or tons of stamps, it truly is up to you. Your design your choice, Chloe wanted lots of diamonds so I did both of the light pink layers full of them :o)

I hand stamped them at night like I usually do let it dry all night long, and then before you do anything DO NOT FORGET to iron each little diamond or shape. You need to set the shape or whatever your painting in the fabric so it stays nice and pretty wash after wash!

Viola I love easy tutorials everyone always tells me how cool my stuff is and that they could never do that, but i'm showing you how simple it is right now to make and do what I do :o) its not hard I promise you...Now start crafting i'm demanding it!!! 

NOW go purchase  The Etage Dress and Top Pattern HERE best thing it's on sale right now, say WHAT :o) you know you can't resist this pattern :)

Amanda Rose


  1. That's a great dress and a fantastic tutorial! I'm going to have to try both :)

  2. What a wonderful dress! I love the custom print, I have to try that!


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