Sofilantjes's Pattern: Omni Tempore Tested and Reviewed

The omni tempore pattern is such a fun sweater/hoodie/amazing collar pattern, I had so much fun testing this pattern. I did a size 3 on Trent and we all know hes soooo soooo short lol so one of them looked like a dress on him but I have since taken it up about 4 inched lol he's so short, my bubs. So I did both the AMAZING fantastic collar as well as the awesome hoodie, weather its either version they both go on the same way and it's great!!

The sizes for omni tempore are 12 months to size 14 years that is a HUGE size range you can have this pattern until your son OR daughter started high school. That's right this is a unisex hoodie which is one of a kind and absolutely awesome amazing and i just love that fact. 

 The hoodie was awesome just like the collar one it wraps around in front so it makes this great look in the front it's different but really awesome and unique looking!

It was really early in the morning when we took these pictures so I was getting the girls ready for school and also trying to get pictures of him before it got really hot because we do live in Arizona! (yuck hot)

See it's a dress on him for sure and this shorts I kid you not are 9 months and they were just a little snug in the waist :/ lol hes so small and we have already got him tested for everything under the sun and everything is negative hes just our short healthy little boy :o)

*Since those pictures, I did take the dog sweater up at least a good 4 inches then re applied the bottom and now it fits him so cute which I need to get picture of him in now.

 This is the collar one, I love the fabric in this one is soft, it's plain with a pop of cool fabric for the pocket, simple and I love it like that!

As you can see it was already to hot in the day so we just tried for him to sit on the couch and take some pictures, well this one is cute but about 30 of the pictures were blurry and him sticking his tongue out at me because he didn't want to take any pictures lol oh 2 year olds and their attitude!

Then he decided to get up and jump of the side on to the couch lol if you can't tell this little one is all boy and loves to try and get hurt any way possible...he's my stinker for sure!

for some reason this sweater I made first and it's not as long as the dog hoodie one I think maybe because the dog fabric is so thin it falls more then this fabric is more thicker and structured which I think made the PERFECT  omni tempore :o)

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