Pattern Parcel #5: Girls/Tween Edition

Today im showing you pattern parcel #5 girls edition we don't have any tween's yet...phew...hehe. But my girls are growing everyday so it's nice to have some great patterns for them to have and grow with. I did three patterns today and i'm going to be showing you all the other three patterns tomorrow from this great collection of patterns everyone should own if they have a girl or tween :o).

The best part about pattern parcel is that when you buy the set of pattern you not only getting great patterns that grow with the little girl in your life your also donating to charity and that is seriously the biggest win of all.

Pattern Parcel #5: Choose your own price and support DonorsChoose. Win/win!

Parcel #5 Girls and Tweens includes:

Lily Knit Blazer by Peek-a-Boo Patterns
Everyday Yoga Pant for Girls by Greenstyle
Asymmetrical Drape Top by EYMM
Playhouse Dress by Fishsticks Designs
Mimi Dress and Shirt by Filles a Maman
*Bonus pattern: Sunki Dress by Figgy's

How Pattern Parcel Works:
At Perfect Pattern Parcel, they believe in supporting independent pattern designers. It's their opinion that indie patterns are just, well better than big box patterns, and we're pretty sure every customer will think so too. So, they allow customers to show their support in naming their own price for each Parcel. They also encourage customers to allocate part of their Parcel price to the charity in order to help classrooms in need. Pattern Parcel donates all profits after expenses from Parcel sales to the charity as well. Together they've raised over 11,000 for classrooms in need!

Today i'm going to show you the everyday yoga pants for girls turned shorts, the Asymmetrical drape top, and the bonus pattern the Sunki dress. Tomorrow I will show you the other three patterns :o) I love everyone of these patterns, I really can't praise them enough all of the designers I have been following for along time now so to be able to blog about some of their patterns is pretty special to me!

I can tell you right now I already have ten pair of these everyday yoga pants/shorts for girls by Greenstyle the sizes run xs-xl or 4 years-14 years.... 

We had to do shorts because we do live in Arizona and it's still hot as all get up here so I couldn't even think of putting pants on Chloe, and the shorts version is so cute!

I love the way they top band folds over it's so cute I love the knit fabric I chose for the yoga shorts as well over all just a perfect pattern. Chloe couldn't rave enough on how comfy they were, that'a always a plus :o)

The Asymmetrical Drape Top by EYMM seems extremely easy but is actually really tricky because of how it lays but once you get it sewed together i mean look at it, AMAZING right. love it, the flower shorts are also everyday yoga pants/shorts :o)

I bought this slinky fabric when I was in L.A fashion district a couple of years ago I bought so much fabric when my husband and I were there, our hands were hurting as we were walking back to our car like 10 miles away but, it was SO much fun picking out all that fabric.
The Asymmetrical Drape Top sizes comes in NB-16 tweens now that is a HUGE variation of size and will last your little one her entire life just keep making her the next size up when she grows out of the smaller version, I mean how great is it to start from birth with a high fashion design and keep it going. Your little girl will always be getting compliments for her high fashion statement pieces this shirt being one of them!

I really love how this shirt came out Chloe wanted to wear it to school this morning but she wears uniforms to school so I said she can put it on when she gets home :o), its a winner and very easy to out together...The flower yoga shorts I made in 10 minutes this morning before the girls had to be to school, I thought it was a cute little combination. The hip band on the drape top is black and white slinky fabric and on the flower shorts have a black and white knit waist band :o).

I love this fabric it's so pretty stretchy knit, I won the willow and co back to school contest 641$ worth of prizes a lot of the prizes were fabric which is a dream come true :D eeekkk, the everyday yoga pants/shorts Chloe is wearing up top is also just some of the fabric I won! (I'll have a blog post on that later)

The last patterns i'm showing off today is the BONUS PATTERN The Sunki Dress by Figgy's ,
For the bonus pattern, choose of 28$ or greater for Pattern Parcel #5 and you will automatically also be sent the bonus pattern! The bonus pattern for this Parcel is the Sunki Dress by Figgy's. Fun pockets, a stylish silhouette, plus make it in knit or woven, that's a double bonus!! The pattern includes both size runs, so you get 18 months through a 16 tween, now that is AWESOME!

I actually own this pattern I bought it a couple of years ago and have made a couple of them for my girls one was in knit it was so stinking cute my girls would always switch back and forth on who got to wear it next.So that's why I made another one, this dress last for ever and when it gets to short I put pants of leggings underneath and it gives this awesome shirt tunic look it's one of a kind and perfect in every way. When I seen it was in the Pattern Parcel #5 I was so EXCITED because I now know I get to make more and more as the grow older because I didn't have the bigger sizes and i'm so stoked on that eekkkk!

Deep pockets are always a win but the way they have designed these pockets are just genius I love how accent fabric makes its look so different and fun looking. NARWALS so fun (more fabric I won).

These sleeves are to DIE for I mean look at them, absolute PERFECTION!

This time around I didn't add a zipper which is weird because both times I made my knit Sunki's I added a zipper, now this time I made it out of woven and I didn't use a zipper hehe. It's slipped over Chloe's head perfectly, it was nice I was afraid it wouldn't but with the Sunki Dress it has a pretty wide neck and a very unique way to attach the shoulder pieces it was a very loose fit over her head, I love that with dresses.

I really love how this Sunki turned out it was my first one using woven and I can tell you that I will be making 20 more in woven :o) woven or knit they both turn out amazing, and like I said you really don't need a zipper even though I have put one in before. I love it with out one in this dress, I love the color combination it blends so well together.

Chloe is so gorgeous and she keeps saying she wants to be a model because she know she's to pretty for words but I don't know where to even get her started in modeling, anyone have any tips? those sleeves on that dress is a more structured woven make them perfect I love how they turned out, with the knit they don't set up quite as nice but still cute...but these sleeves are just perfect I can't stop looking at them haha!

So tomorrow I will be back with the last installment of Pattern Parcel #5 Sora will be modeling off 
Lily Knit Blazer by Peek-a-Boo Patterns
Playhouse Dress by Fishsticks Designs
Mimi Dress and Shirt by Filles a Maman

Please don't forget to head over to and grab your set of patterns before it's to late, not only are you winning big by getting all of these fun patterns but your also helping out classrooms win win for sure.

Also please don't forget to check out all the other amazing bloggers who will be showing off there versions of each patterns. see you all tomorrow!

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  1. I love all of your fabric choices, but that Sunki. I die! The narhwals. <3 And your girl is gorgeous.

  2. Love. Them. All. You rock at the fabric meshing too. That's a serious talent!

  3. I LOVE your knit! That second outfit I want! LOL Lovely outfits!


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