September 22, 2014

Koda Cargo Skirt Pattern ~ tested and reviewed

Today i'm showing you a really cute skirt I got to test last week, when I was trying to choose a fabric I really had no idea what to pick and when It came to the size I wasn't sure if it was going to be to big/long on Chloe or not. So I went with a fabric Erik's grandma gave me (every month she comes down with a bag full of new fabric for me). And to my surprise for a size 8 I only used about 1/2 yard maybe a little bit more but it wasn't a lot at all I expected way more.

So I started putting together the koda cargo skirt and you first start with the outside pockets out of the entire skirt that is the longest part each pocket took me about 10 minutes to do because my brain was looking at the picture and not reading the direction typical Amanda haha. So once I started reading the direction it sewed up in 2 minutes, and the rest of the skirt was literally 5 minutes one of the fastest patterns I've sewed up in a while which is great.

The Koda Cargo Skirt pattern can be purchased right HERE it is the size 1-6, but I did the larger sizes 7-12 which will be for sale in just a few short days she is finishing up the pattern making it just perfect for the older girls. I did the size 8 on my 7 year old and the waist fit her absolutely perfect it was just the length that was a little long on her so I took in up about 4 inches because we all know I have the shortest kids EVER hehe. So that was the only thing which Jen is writing in the pattern about the length to make it fit your little girl just right its perfect truly. Jen did an amazing job she should be really proud of her self for creating such a great pattern and how fun and easy it is to come together in and hour you can have 3 Koda Cargo Skirt's made.

Here is my Koda Cargo Skirt.....

 I'm literally OBSESSED with the way this looks, having a white tank top underneath and then I pulled her skirt up to her chest and it looks like a dress to me I just love the way this looks on her. lol am I the only one? Maybe i'm weird but Chloe was totally digging this look as well, and having the pockets on the outside the height where regular pockets would sit at. um yeah just pure love hehehe......

She was jumping for joy in her Koda Cargo Skirt 
The new sizes are 7-12 
so if you have a bigger girl in your life this is the pattern you must own!!!

The back is plain but you could always add pockets, appliques, or ruffles to spice it up but I loved how it's party in the front and simple in the back :o).

I had to get a couple pictures of her wearing her Koda Cargo Skirt the right way as well :) Chloe is wearing it with my signature pom pom sweater that I made from scratch. I really love the fabric choice I picked out for the skirt it's so me, I wanted to highlight everything so I was going to do a different fabric for the outside pockets. I'm really glad I kept it all raspberry and cream striped fabric throughout, the fabric has a silk feel to it so it wasn't the greatest fabric to work with but the end results, I mean come on look at it, it's PERFECT!! 

I can see her filling those pockets up with chap stick gum and mints her three favorite items :o)

I had to do the preppy look with her, Chloe is such a girly girly and this picture is just so her hehe. She's my child who hates dirt bugs any thing gross and I mean anything. So this preppy look is a true presentation of how she really is in real life!

And I just had to add a close up of Chloe because I love her so.....

Thank you so much Jen for letting me test your Koda Cargo Skirt size 1-6 are already in her shop on sale and in the next few days size 7-12 will be in the shop for sale, so keep your eyes on her shop for them to pop up any day. If you could all please go like Koda Baby Boutique Group on facebook it's where were all fans on Jen's work and share all the picture of what we have made with her patterns and brag about how awesome they turned out. Also you will know when size 7-12 will be in her etsy shop ready to be sold to all of you and then you can brag about how awesome your turned out too, so please go join in on the fun because were all having a blast over there :o)

Amanda Rose

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