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I'm so excited to be apart of the Emerson blog tour, when I seen this pattern I thought of all the cute fabrics that can be paired it with. I just had to make one the same day I got the pattern and i'm usually not like that i'm more of a get the pattern and then start it in a few days after but I was truly excited about this pattern. So I picked out my fabric printed out the patterns and got to work and less then 30 minutes later my Emerson was done. And all you could hear from my mouth was oooooo I love this omg it's so cute, Chloe come here let me put it on you and then i said Sora ooo let see how it looks on you :D eeek. And to my surprise it's a tunic on Chloe and a dress on Sora PERFECTION, they wear the same size ever though they're two years apart but Chloe is taller then her sister being older.

 Please head over and like Ginger House Designs Facebook along with Ginger House Designs Blog and Darcy also has a flickr group you can share your Emerson dresses here. Also if you would like your own Emerson dress which I know you do, because just look at everyone else's and then look at my girl's in their Emerson LOVE, pure love. You can purchase the Emerson dress HERE, now run over to her shop and snatch it up :o).

Here is my Emerson Dress....

Chloe is my 7 year old and it is a tunic on her which I absolutely love it that way, and also as a dress it's perfect for any little girl in your life for certain. I mean look at the ruffles along the bodice the flutter sleeves everything just rings girly girly, and my girls had so much fun on this little shoot because they loved the way it fit on them.

Instead on buttons down the back I added a pink zipper :D and it fit perfect and I loved how it turned out although I know i'm going to make about 10 more Emerson dresses and most of them well have buttons in the back :o).

so head over Ginger House Designs and grab Darcy's Emerson Dress pattern you will be whipping them out by the hand fulls, the instructions were very clear, sizes ranges from 12m-8yrs, you can even color block if you would like because of the ruffle bodice option, you can have the ruffle or it can just be a structured bodice which is just as cute. The Emerson Dress is very versatile and I LOVE patterns like that, also you can make the dress with the flutter sleeves like I have on my girl's or you can make it sleeveless which would be really sweet.

For the winter time coming you can pair it with leggings and add a sweet little cardigan add even more depth to the entire dress really make the outfit stand out.

Thank you Darcy for letting me be apart of your blog tour I had SO much making your Emerson dress, and my girl's had SO much fun taking pictures in it :o)

Amanda Rose


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