September 12, 2014

Button Up Jumper~ tested and Reviewed

I was one of the tester for the super cute Button up Jumper I did a size 8 on Chloe she's getting so big it's crazy. I love how it turned out, I wanted a different look so I went with different colored fabrics. I did the front one color and the back another I like how it turned out. It slips on and off really easy by just taking the buttons off (they're real buttons and button holes) and on.

You can pair it with a long sleeve or short sleeve shirt, also pair it with some leggings for the colder season ahead so then it can be an all year around outfit for your little girl. I live in Arizona so it's still hot as can be hear so I just slipped a white tank top underneath.

TODAY is the day that it has been released for purchase yaaaah you can grab it HERE and before you head there head over to once upon a sewing machine for the coupon code so you can get a discount on the already low price :o). The Button Up Jumper is a classic jumper with a really fun twist with it's high waistband that buttons on to the front bodice, along with that amazing feature it has deep pockets because what is better then pockets, so your little girl can put her little trinkets in that she may find throughout the day.

The Size for the Button Up Jumper are 12 months-8 
This pattern is appropriate for intermediate sewer and features illustrations with step by step instructions for helping sew this very easy, unique and exciting jumper.
Also a plus is you don't need a serger to complete the Jumper, you just need your regular old sewing machine and it will make it look perfect, also your little girl will love wearing it.
Chloe was saying it was super comfy to wear and she liked how easy it was to go on and off.

The Button Up Jumper doesn't use a lot of fabric and I love the idea of how it opens up at the waist making it special and unique, I didn't have any button that matched but i'm obsessed with these buttons if you have been following me through out the years every time I go to SAS (an awesome fabric store here is AZ) I have to get a hand full of them just to have hehe :o)

My little skinny bean is growing up so much I love watching my kids grow up but its true when they say "you blink and they're grown" it's so true. 

Go head over to grab your coupon code head over to etsy and buy the Button Up Jumper before the coupon expires, also once you're at Donna and Rachel's blog you can check out more of the other cute tester versions of The Button Up Jumper. Also don't forget to browse around they have free patterns, amazing tutorials and more there.

Amanda Rose


  1. Thanks for the great review Amanda! We are very happy that your little one likes her new jumper. Hopefully she will get a lot of wear from it.

  2. Thank you for testing! I love the accent back such a fun way to mix it up.


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