The Mulberry Tunic Remix

My last and final piece i'm showing you for the Willow and Co back to school contest, I've really enjoyed making all three designs and I love how my brain is finally functioning the way it use to with out the toxic metal slowly killing me for the last two years.

So I didn't go over board on this remix I totally love it, I just lengthen the Mulberry tunic into a dress and made it super simple so I actually made it way more basic then the actual Mulberry which is an awesome pattern.

For my Mulberry tunic I used a striped sweater fabric and I really love how simple and sweet it turned out, my little kindergartner Sora wore it and loves how comfy it is.

My version of the Mulberry tunic.....

I really love how simple and pretty it look with the cream and gold stripes and then the little ballet flats it's a cute little special occasion dress or Sora says a comfy night gown hehe....It really could be depending on your fabric choice.

When I was a tester for this AWESOME pattern I really loved how mine turned out, that's why I decided to go with this one as my last pattern to enter :)

So once again please head over to Willow and Co I know you won't be leaving with out buying at least one pattern, I love everything about the style of every pattern each amazing pattern designer created! 

Amanda Rose


  1. She is the cutest! I haven't thought of making it without the front placket. This is the second version I saw made that way in knit. So cute and comfy! Love it!


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