Pattern Parcel #4: Boy's edition (The Maxwell Top)

Hey everyone i'm back again to show you my next pattern from Pattern Parcel #4 boy's edition today i'm showing you all The Maxwell Top by Shwin & Shwin. Shauna has actually been a guest on my blog before years back she is so sweet and i'm so excited today to be showing off one of her many amazing unbelievable patterns.

For The Maxwell Top I wasn't really sure what fabric to use or which way to go with it so I just went the way the directions told me and Erik picked out the fabric for his son.

The pattern parcel #4: boy's edition comes with 6 pretty amazing patterns that are staple pieces of any wardrobe.

Pattern Parcel #4 includes:
Maxwell Top by Shwin Designs
Zippy Jacket by Blank Slate Patterns
Schoolboy Vest by Sew Much Ado
Small Fry Jeans by Titchy Threads
Jet Back Bag by Betz White

My first pattern I did out of the collection was the Schoolboy Vest where you can find it right HERE, the second pattern the Jet Back bag you can find HERE. I want to do a post for each pattern so I can highlight them seeing they're all from different designers and I want them to shine on there own! Then at the end I will put them all together and do a collective post with everything on my bubs :o) 

I really didn't change much I only added one pocket and I didn't add the button tab or the tabs on the sleeves. Which really isn't that big of a difference, I was going to go all out for each of these patterns and make them all completely different but I really couldn't think of another way to spice this staple piece up.

So here is my version of The Maxwell Top.....

Trent will be obsessed with Superman because that's all he wears lol, he's 2 right now and he calls Superman "man". When I kept trying this shirt on him to see how the fit was coming along he kept opening it up and running around the house making flying noises. He's my boy for sure and I love him so!

Because Superman has red and yellow as it's signature colors I decided to do the inside and outside pieces red and the pocket a bright yellow. I really love the pop of yellow and makes it so unique looking, unique is what I live for. I then only used three small blue buttons to close and open the shirt. At the top below the collar I folded over to show the red and sewed it down just for a different look so it wasn't going all the way up.

I made him a size 2T because that's what size he normally is in but this shirt seems a bit wide on him which is no biggie I do have one tiny 2 year old (he's so tiny in real life) , and I actually like the way it fits on him not to tight and also not huge just roomy enough to fit comfy for awhile.

He was ready to take of like superman, I used white thread throughout which I knew I should have used another color, but it's okay I still love this shirt on Trent.

All in all this is a staple piece every little boy needs in their wardrobe you can wear it up or down you can sew it to be super classy or play it down and make it play wear. Either way you go with The Maxwell Top you will be getting compliments from everyone saying how cute they look in such a cute button up shirt. 

The neighbors came home while I was taking pictures and they were like that is such a cool shirt dude (they're two bachelorettes) lol he didn't know what to say because he is 2 after all but it was cute seeing his little reaction.

Please don't forget to check out all of the other AMAZING bloggers on the blog tour, Pattern Parcel #4: BOY's!

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I will be back in a few short days with pattern #4 Small Fry Jeans by Titchy Threads

Amanda Rose


  1. I LOVE it! Great print for your little guy! You are so sweet! I totally remember guest blogging on your blog!

  2. This is a great top. I love your fabric choice. So cute!


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