Willow and Co pattern's, review, release dates all in one

Hi everyone I just have to say this collaborations of women who created willow and co patterns are amazing I was honored to be able to test some of them. I would like to show you how some of the patterns I tested came out also a release date that is literally right around the corner and your going to want to own everyone I promise you that one.  Hayley from Mouse House CreationsElizabeth from charming doodleLaura from craftstormingOlga from kid approvedRebecca from rock the stitchVanessa from lbg-studio, and Celina from petit a petit and family

First I did olga's from kid approved, her pattern is The Mulberry Tunic this pattern is so great because it's for girls and boys, also has so many options you really can not go wrong with this pattern.

So if you can't tell this tunic is AMAZING and Sora LOVES it and I added little pearl buttons down the center used the amazing wee wanders fabric and a great triangle trim, the pockets are the perfect fit the sleeves are just right, I really can't say anything bad about The Mulberry Tunic.

Next I got to test the the clover shorts by Hayley these were great took me a minute to get the top but once I got it down yeah love them

Just to let everyone know i'll be making about 30 pairs of these for each of my girls, they're so great and once again so many different variations of theses shorts. Ruffles, no ruffles, sash, no sash so many different fun ways and you will love them on your little girl they fit just right.

I made the sash but of course forgot to put it on the shorts for the pictures and my daughter Chloe wasn't really in the mood for taking pictures anyways, like usual lately. I love the fabric choice, I love the buttons, I love everything about these shorts they have elastic in the back so the stay up even if you don't have a sash or belt for your little one. I also didn't do a ruffle on these pair but will do some ruffles on my younger daughter's pair. The cuff can stay down or be folded up how ever you like it, just over all perfect pattern. ALL of Hayley's patterns are amazing and should all be bought and made ASAP :).

I also did a second pattern for her the Persimmon Dress which turned out so cute.

This dress was a great easy one to put together Hayley needed a couple more testers to try this one out so I was lucky enough that she picked me again. I did no ruffle on the bottom or pockets I kept it simple I used a princess fabric which really isn't my style but I actually really like how it turned out.

I did the size 6 but she could have went with a 5 and I think the next one i'll do a ruffle then I want to make a shirt out of it because I think it would be SUPER cute as a shirt.

I loved doing the pleats on this dress, it's what really makes the dress then the strip of fabric down the front. I wanted to break up the princess with a cute little floral print. Like I said not my style in fabric but if this dress can make it turn out cute you know this pattern is a must and keeper :)

I keep the tie on straps really long so the bow can tie lower in the back and then they curl down because it's knit so I pulled some what on it when I sewed them on... LOVE THEM, just different looking and I love that.

She was all for it that's for sure :)

The last pattern I got to test was the Elm poncho from Celina

This Pattern was great and very easy to put together I did the ears version, the welt pocket, and lining size 6-7 T. If you live in an area where it rains a real lot this is your pattern, or also if you just want a fun cute poncho to throw over your daughters outfit maybe any of the other patterns you made above she could be the most stylish girl EVER!! 

The Best part about all this is that ALL of willow and co patterns are being released Tuesday April 22nd that's like what ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!! WAAAAHOOOOO LOVE IT

Amanda Rose


  1. I love everthing you made! The fabrics you chose are gorgeous! Thany ou so much for being such an awesoem tester!

  2. wow!! You got to sew so many of them... love each and every one! Great work! Emily@nap-timecreations.com


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