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I have so many fun new patterns to show you but they're apart of a HUGE collection of amazing collaborated women who we all know in the blog and pattern world very very well know girls. I'm so excited to be able to blog about it but a few more weeks and everything will be out of the bag and I can blog blog blog about everything awesome I've been testing for some of the amazing women :D.

I also have a ton of tutorials coming up I've been just so busy running around with my three children and testing patterns and helping others with there sewing needs, also taking some pictures trying to get better in that area of my life as well. So as soon as i'm done with all the patterns i'm testing i'll be doing a bunch of fun tutorials. I stated before that I've been learning how to make my own pdf patterns i'm still working on it but I hope to have a bunch of free ones for you soon that will come with each tutorial I show you how to make.

This will be my first tutorial I show you I love this one its a weekender bag and the wee wanders fabric couldn't be any more perfect for the bag, so I hope I can have a pattern for you when I get all the pictures done with this one. And with the weekender bag you really don't need that much stuff to make it, it comes together quit nicely and fast.

Second will be my studded bow tutorial with way better pictures I just made one up quick to see how it would look and I liked it so i'll be showing everyone how to make it as well :)

This will be the third tutorial i'm working on taking this way oldies jacket (that is already cut up some here) and making it into a child's peplum leather jacket :O) it's going to be cute can tell you that much.

ok off for now to go clean my house because I really can't let it go another day then I need to go finish up the patterns i'm testing and then i'm get to my tutorials :)

Amanda Rose


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