The rose skirt linked up :D

Today as I was looking at all my social media that i'm trying my hardest to keep up with (trying key word here) :D. I was on facebook and seen I was linked up on to a blog about The Rose skirt pattern

You can find my review right HERE I seriously can't get enough of this skirt I mean who could :) its perfect and Filles a Maman is the name of Mel's shop and her patterns are perfection. So easy to put together everything is great just refer back to my post the rose skirt review.

So today as i'm roaming facebook and what not I see i'm tagged somewhere but, facebook changed over night (whats new) so now i'm back to be confused with it because it changes like every other week lol.

Any who, enough rambling head on over to rebel and malice where she also got to test out this great pattern and was so kind to add me in her review. Her's turned out amazing seriously i'm telling you, you cannot go wrong with this pattern knits, wovens, it will be your best friend and only takes less than an hour to put together.

I have so much to blog about but I see Trent my almost 2 year old that's crazy in it's self getting into something he knows he's not suppose to be doing. So i'll chat with you all soon I have 4 tutorials I need to upload like yesterday. chat soon

Amanda Rose


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