stamping with stickers on knits~ A tutorial plus a review

So I was honored to test another pattern this one was called the Dahlia Top by Golden Rippy designed and created by Rachel shes awesome and has such an eye for fashion. The Dahlia top was made of knit and seriously all around just a perfect shirt for any little one I think it would look great on boys as well, you could you a jersey material or a thicker knit. I went with this really nice mustard color and the stretch was over all just PERFECT for this pattern, I got right to work but I wanted to do something fun and different and seeing the material was one basic color, I though hmm why don't I hand stamp it for a different look.

So here is a mini tutorial on how I went nuts with some foam stickers because lets faces it if you have kids you have these little suckers lying all around your house somewhere, well give them some good use.

ok so this is how I did it, I grabbed three of the same designs of the foam stickers they all have a sticky back, then I grabbed something I could just attach them to so i'm not holding it with my hand and the paints not getting every where lol so I just grabbed some cheap thread that hasn't even been opened yet.

First off excuse the nails when your life is in fast mode you forget the simple things in life like applying a coat of nail polish :).  Now take the sticky part off the green foam sticker and line it up and apply to the yellow sticker.

Like so and it will be on there pretty good those suckers are pretty sticky now, you're just going to want to do the same thing to the other foam sticker. Now you can keep adding more stickers on if you would like if the thickness just isn't thick enough for you but it was perfect for me.

See this is what i'm talking about you take this off and then it becomes super sticky :)

Now you just add the stickers to the spool or anything literally anything that will help you keep your hands from getting dirty and easier to pick up your design when you press it down with the wet paint.

I have a screen printing kit but I love using this paint for other things such as this :D. you can also just use any fabric paint that you can pick up literally any where, so open it on up grab whatever paint brush you have paint on a thin layer on to the stamps and push down on to the fabric of your choice, release and you have a pretty imagine. Even if they're not perfect I still love how it looks and comes out you know it's handmade and unique. Love that.

I love lifting it up and seeing it like yeeppee I just did that haha i'm a dork I know but it's just fun making items and people always asking where did you get that? Oh I made it! mouth drops you mmmmhmmm...haha 

The most important step after you have finished stamping and letting it dry I usually let it dry for a good 24 hours just to be sure everything is dry. Then you iron over it every little music note you hit those suckers with the hot iron and that will set them in place so when you wash the shirt it wont wash them away.

I love how I keep the back blank I didn't want to make it to over whelming with all the music notes on the front, so I said hmm why don't I just keep it the original fabric in the back. I think it all came together perfect, it stretches in all the right places and this shirt the Dahlia Top by golden rippy is a complete winner in my book. I know for a fact i'll be making about a dozen more of these the girls can just throw them on and we can go and they still are full of style if we have to get somewhere in a hurry. i'm also thinking about making one for my son in boy colors i'm sure it would look great on him to i'll make one and blog about it and let everyone know if its a go or not. Thank you so much Rachel for choosing me you're such a sweet heart and if you ever need anything else tested i'm your girl hehe :D. 

Rachel's facebook page is found HERE
And her website it found HERE
you don't want to miss out on either one so head on over and take a look at all the amazing things she does.

Please if you have any questions or comments email me or just comment below and i'll get back to you as soon as I can

Amanda Rose


  1. So creative!! You've inspired me to stamp some plain ol' fabric I have. And thanks for the shout outs. You were an awesome tester. :)

  2. So cool! Such a simple and cool idea. Love it.

  3. Very cute, I love the music notes!

  4. Love your happy yellow note fabric!

  5. That's brilliant. Love the yellow and black!

  6. That's a great idea to use foam stickers as stamps! Love it!

  7. I love this - I am going to try it this weekend!

  8. great work on the stamp! I have those rubber sicker things... I'm going to try this!! Super cute! I'm loving this theme!

  9. What a happy shirt! Going to check out Rachel now...

  10. Very clever! I am putting this on my list to try! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. I once did something similar. But instead of having the ready made foam shapes, I had to cut mine (bat shape and very tiny), so it wasn't perfect, but I loved the results.Gotta do that again one of these days. great job on the shirt, I LOVE the colour and that printing only made it better!

  12. Such a great tutorial. I love learning new ways to personalize.

  13. so lovely tutorial! I am doing it :)):) thank you !!


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