SOLEIL tester review

First off I want to say I LOVE THIS DRESS and so does Sora she never wants to take it off but it does need a good washing seeing the day we were going to do the mini photo shoot she decided to spill a entire bottle of water on it so it was DRENCHED ha. So once it dried we went out side to snap a few pictures and its getting warm here or I should say its been getting very warm here we live in Arizona. I was so honored to test the soleil dress I mean look at it! It's PERFECTION and everyone will give you compliments every where you go, there are so many great things to this pattern where do I even begin!

I wasn't sure which fabric to choose so I had Sora choose because it's here dress and I think she picked and awesome combo. She picked a yellow main with and awesome panda blue where the panda's are holding paint brushes and there are hearts floating around very colorful fabric and the yellow in the panda fabric matched the main yellow exactly.

So with this dress the soleil has so many options there is no reason not to purchase it and the price is dead on first you have two choices of the back you can have it opened like how Lauren  sewed it and used the perfect combo of print fabric.

Those pockets are perfect they're deep and you can stuff so many goodies your little ones find while going for a walk or treasure hunt whatever or where ever you take your little ones they have lots of places to stuff their most likely rocks or sticks...I mean a rock really kiddo..ok I guess you can keep it lol.

I think one of the best things is the size you want to make at the moment is the size you can print and cut out and make, that is the coolest thing I have ever seen and never seen. Lauren Dahl is a pretty amazing women if I do say so my self, her blog is amazing as everything she does just looks like it was so easy, I wish right?

I choose to do the open back mine was a little smaller then hers but I still love the way it looked, and this dress I kid you not took about an hour or less to make. The longest thing to make on the dress is the bias but if you have a bias maker viola you are golden if you don't you just spend more time and more of your heart goes into making this AMAZING dress and that makes you feel so accomplished in the end, well at least I think so :).

I'm sure there are even more versatile ways on making this dress I swear you can not go wrong on spending only 10 dollars on this great amazing dress and its getting warmer and we all know our girls need new up to date fashion items this 2014 spring/summer and this is exactly it. I love how there are sizes 12 months to 12 years so that is why she gives you different back styles for your taste preference she thinks about what you want and that's what you should always look for in a designer.

I hope I didn't forget anything out on this amazing dress truly it really couldn't get any better with this little number.

Please head over to Lauren's blog you will find all sorts of amazing items there and tutorials that will make your eyes come out of your head they're exact what your looking for.

Also head to her facebook give her a like tell her I sent you, all of her designs she has created i'm mean come on you seriously cannot go wrong AT ALL!!

I really hope you all go running not slowly clicking on everything RUNNING hurt your fingers clicking as fast as you can to get over to this pattern and her blog plus facebook page. Show her so much love she deserves it ALL!!

Amanda Rose


  1. What an incredible review! Thank you so much for testing. Your daughter and dress look adorable!

  2. I loooove this pattern! Nice job!


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