Rose Skirt Pattern Review

Let me first start off by saying I live in Arizona and it's been warm here for a while now its like we never even had a winter this year, so I can only imagine how hot its going to be this summer eeek. While I was thinking of my three little ones clothing for this warmer summer I knew I wanted to make the majority of their outfits and then I came across Mel from Filles a Maman. Mel was asking if anyone would be able to test out her rose skirt pattern, I jumped on that pattern so fast because first off it's one of the cutest little skirts I've seen for little girls and second it looked so cute, third it looked very easy to put together, and fourth it's my middle name hehe it was meant to be.

As soon as Mel sent me the email with the download of the pattern and directions I printed the pattern out, assembled ( very very easy to assemble this pattern almost to easy) and then went to pick out which fabric to use. It says to use knits with this skirt but, I actually used woven and you can see it turned out perfect so I think this pattern would go perfect with any type of fabric. My middle child Sora who just turned 5 is my little tom boy so I asked her to pick the fabric out that she would like and skulls it was, that's my girls :) I love this fabric I also have it in turquoise. I got the fabric from SAS if you live in Arizona you know what i'm talking about and they have about 10 bolts each of the black, turquoise and red which i'm not to fond of.


 Sora was just having so much fun in front of the camera which I was loving usually its are we done yet?

The rose skirt has huge pockets on both sides so your little ones can pick up their favorite rocks and such and stuff them in there. I love big pockets on any skirt and they just went so well with the constructions of this skirt.

It's super comfy to move around in as you can see Sora was moving all over having fun. There is elastic in the top casing and the bottom is just fabric to kind of hug around the knee area so it gives you that extra class and cuteness.

She knew she was rocking it :)

Sophisticated, classy, going to a party it took me less then 30 mins to make the rose skirt. It could be paired with seriously anything flats, tiny little heels, boots. A sweater, a tank top anything your mind can think up i'm almost positive it will work. 

So for the back I was going to add a zipper to make it a little different. It doesn't call for one but i'm all about trying new things but in the end I scratched that idea, then I was going to do a button with a button hole and scratched that idea as well haha. Sometimes I can't make up my mind but in the end I keep it just like the pattern said but that doesn't mean you can't add a button hole or zipper it would be really easy to do so with this pattern. But the elastic is the easiest and simplest way to go and its just so cute I'm mean seriously just look at :D

But I did add one of my cool skull buttons just because, I want to use these buttons for everything I make. I think it adds an extra touch kind of looks like there's a button hole there but there isn't one.

I just love the poofiness in the top half with the pleats and the pockets, I think its my favorite part the pleats just make it look flawless with that little bit of poof its adds.

Then I said Sora do your thing and she does the robot this is why she is one of the coolest kids around :D

I had the peplum shirt tucked in the entire time because I wanted to show the entire skirt off but when I untucked it I loved how it looked as well. I made the peplum shirt a while back and I think it actually looked really well paired together.

So please if you love to sew and have a little girl go pick up the the rose skirt, Mel has a bunch of other amazing items in her shop Filles a Maman as well.
Thank you Mel for letting me test out your pattern everything was perfect it all ran true to size and everything was worded perfect with great pictures for each steps even a beginner can tackle this skirt with ease.

Amanda Rose


  1. That is so cute! Did you need to go a size up when you used a woven, or did the regular size work? I want to make it with some cotton I have. :)

  2. I did go up a size and it fit perfect but my little one has a bigger butt haha so if she a skinny one you could probably keep in the same size as if you were using knit :) Thanks

  3. Ooh I love this in a woven! Great job!


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