Re Do and a baby shower

So I was up super late last night working on a new header for my blog I think I like it but i'm still not sure ha sounds just like me, never knowing if I like it or not i'll keep it for a few more days maybe make a couple more and see which one I like best. 

I've been sewing up a storm the past couple of weeks I had my neighbors baby shower a couple of weekends ago that Erik the kids and I all went too. The kiddos had so much fun playing with the other kids and Erik and I enjoyed our self playing the games and eating because who doesn't love eating :). Kristin who is now one of my really good friends is having a baby girl her name is going to be Kinzley. So I got to work sewing baby girls items what I do best ha. Here are some of the cute things I made for her which will also be for sale in my AmandaRose etsy shop soon as it's opened (still getting it put together)

I absolutely love this print, I made a simple pattern with just two pieces of fabric sewn together with two pearl gold buttons on the neck opening in the back. I made a size 12 months I did a variety of sizes seeing babies grow so fast there first year.

Who doesn't love the ghastlies family I mean seriously just look at that fabric well done Alexander Henry you couldn't have gotten any better on this line haha. I did the same concept as the first shirt but with this one I made a casing on the bottom sewed a piece of light pink knit fabric feed it through and tie it in a pretty little bow, you can make this shirt loose or form fit. It also has the pearl gold buttons on the back on the neck opening, Size 18 months.

I mean just look at this dress, I love how it turned out it has a tiny V cut back that is going to be so sweet on baby Kinzley when she arrives, this dress is size newborn to 3 months old. This dress also has the pearl gold buttons on the back I just love everything about this dress and it came together pretty quick which is a plus.

This is another wee little dress with a tiny V back, but this one is a little different. There is only one layer for the bottom and instead of buttons on the back there is a zipper going all the way down the back and its PINK hehe it came out SO cute.

Instead of a traditional bag with tissue paper I decided to make her a cute little bag with small leather handles, I like how it came out simple and sweet. I gave a her a few other things but I didn't take pictures of them, i'm also working on a blanket i'm making her but didn't get done in time for the party. I will take pictures of it when its done, though it's coming out super cute!

Tomorrow evening i'll be taking some pictures of Kristin, her soon to be husband Nick and there two boys Logan and CJ. I hope it's not to hot so were not all sweating haha but it should be a fun time.

I'm excited to see what the future holds I want to do so much in life graduated school and become a nurse, be a clothing designer who can maybe be big one day, get my blog back to where it was and so so so so so so much more until then one day at a time and work hard and DO NOT GIVE UP this time around.

Amanda Rose


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