Been a while

Hi everyone i'm so excited to be able to say everything is good in life right now, we have had a lot of bumps in the road the last couple of months and it has all turned around for the best. I just wanted to pop in quick and say that i'm going to be blogging quit a bit this week and hopefully from here on out. 

First off I have a couple of reviews for patterns i'm testing out for some very talented ladies who make PDF patterns, I'll have pictures up sometime this week for a couple of them. and Secondly I finally have some new tutorials to post which i'm super excited about because its been FOREVER since I've had one. Lastly i'm re branding my business and blog so my blog will start to look different and better very soon. Also I've been learning how to make PDF patterns my self so I hope to have some free ones with my new tutorials, I will be very happy if I can offer them to all my followers :D.

Amanda Rose


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