Cherry Pie Pops tutorial

Back in January When my oldest turned 6 I wanted to have something fun at her birthday party food wise so I made up some of these Cherry pie pops and cupcakes that everyone was in love with :o).

~Can of cherry pie filling
~Pillsbury 2 count pie crust 
~Popsicle sticks (found where candy molds are and such) 
~butter, milk or egg wash 
~cookie cutter any shape smaller side

 Take your crust out of the package and roll it out, then you just take your cookie cutter and start cutting your shape out as many and you can get.

 If there is dough left after all of the shapes being cut out which there always is, just break out your rolling pin and re-roll the sucker out and get a few more pie pops out of it.

 Now place them on a lined or greased sheet far enough apart so you can squeeze those little sucker sticks on the cookie sheet.

 here comes the fun part drop a cherry and some sauce on each piece of dough you just laid out on the cookie sheet then you just take your top piece of dough and pinch the dough shut.  

 It may leak out a little but that is A okay the little cherry is still nicely sealed inside :o)

Now you just pop them in the oven for how long the pie dough says and VIOLA golden lushes mini Cherry Pie Pops. Now try not to eat them all before your event you maybe going to with these goodies. I may or may have not eaten a handful before we even arrived to her party :) but don't worry there were still plenty of them to go around.

I hope you go run to the store now and make a million little pie pops that are so easy to make and so good to taste.



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