locks of love

I'm way behind on this but that's okay right about 3 weeks ago my mom and I went out to lunch and we got pedicures done for my birthday.While our feet were socking in the extremely hot water (well my mom kept saying hers was cold as I was like ouch haha) she brought up the great idea of cutting the girls hair. I mean it's up almost every day anyways we do live in Arizona after all so that idea grew on me fast and I had scissors in my hands the next day ready to chop a lot of hair off!!

I had a before and after picture of Chloe and Sora's hair but now I can not seem to find them in my pictures albums at all boohoo. lol that's okay the top two before were from this past Easter ( I made both of their shirts and hand stamped bunnies on them). The second set of pictures Both of the girls had the most amazing perfect hair but like I said it's summer time, we be in the desert and they complain enough so I thought I should do them a favor and guess what they are in love with their new do's...Trent got a new do about a month before them ;). And the last two pictures although their hair looked so perfect down this is how their hair actually was 90% of the time because of how long it was, of how thick it is, and how hot it truly made them when it was down. Some days I would feel both the girls head and there would be sweat through out their hair line poor things.

After do they look different or what? more grown up I didn't think they could get any more gorgeous but they did just by a hair cut. The best part of all they donated 12 inches of their hair to locks of love so we didn't just cut it and waste it we gave it to a good cause and they're pretty proud of them selves because of it. :)
(Note: All I did was put their hair in a low pony tail where I knew would be a perfect cut took my scissor and the rest is history)
Trent's little before and after of his new hair do he received about a month before the girls hair cut. I love the after all my kids look so different but it all turned out better than expected..The owner of the salon we went and donated the girls hair to asked if I went to school for hair cutting. I just giggled and said no he said I did a great job, i'll pat my self on the back for that I think they all turned out cute if I do say so...



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