Comic book paper planes mobile tutorial

Trent turned 1 on May 17th so only a couple of weeks ago and I just now got around to making him a mobile I now how horrible is that? It's terrible, but on the up side he is absolutely in love with it he points to it all the time he wants to play with it. I'm going to show you how I made it :) 

Cute right?

What I used
-a wreath from the dollar store
-a two pack of comic books from the dollar store
-thread or whatever you would like to hang the planes from
-tape or glue whatever you want to attach the planes to the thread with
-ribbon any color you would like to use

You want to cut each plane like this pretty basic really no need for a template but if you do need one, i'm sure you can just google paper plane know google can be a very useful site at times ;)

fold your piece of paper in half.

open it back up .

fold in each sides to make a narrow point, wide base.

fold it on to each other, same way you folded it to start it.

now take each wing and fold it out ward away from the inward original fold.

You just created a paper plane how easy was that? Extremely!! Repeat as many times as you would like, then what I did was I placed thread inside of the plane and just put tape over the thread easy peasy. I like how they are going all different directions exactly what I was going for. The wreath part I just wrapped lace ribbon around although i'm not a huge fan of it and probably will add something more to the wreath part. I took the thread that was attached to each paper plane and just tied it around the wreath where I thought like it needed one, you could make them the same length higher to lower what ever you prefer. I then took some of the lace ribbon cut four same length pieces tied them to the wreath and hung it to the ceiling..

The comic book paper plane mobile literally took me 20 mins to make, simple cute and adds a touch of something new, I made paper planes because Trent's room is going to be a superheros room and it goes with the theme...its a bird, its a plane, no its super man ;)



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