October 21, 2011

Holly Jolly

Thanks for the guest post by Kristofer Bartlett
If you know us, you know that Christmas is a huge deal at our house. We go all out with wreaths on every window, lights on all the ledges, blowup Santa and reindeer in the yard, and a big “Joy to the World” on the roof. It has been this way for me my whole life – my dad and I used to spend hours at the beginning of every December setting things up and testing lights and fans to make sure it would come to life properly when the sun went down. These days, I do the same with my little boy, but my wife is less than thrilled about it. She pulled out all the stops this year and insisted that we tone it down. I tried to explain that our neighbors expect us to be that festive and we need to deliver. I promised to call our TEXAS ELECTRICITY PROVIDERS to get a better rate and see if we couldn’t try to lower the power bill. She seemed pacified by that, for the time being, but now she’s hounding me over where we should store it all this year after the holidays. I’ve got nothin’. Anyone know of a storage place offering free rent..?

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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