June 22, 2011

heart beats for buttons ~ tutorial

Last night While I was working on a big tutorial that should be up either tomorrow or Friday. I needed button I did not want to use store bought so I decided to make my own. I have to say I love working with polymer clay you can make a lot of great stuff and molds anyway you would like it to. off me go...

Heart beats For buttons Tutorial 

6 heart buttons for my awesome project that you will see soon :)

polymer clay
rolling pin
chop stick
mini cookie cutter
and wax paper

cut a small piece of polymer clay off, roll it into a ball and then you want to take the rolling pin and roll it flat. Once your piece is flat and big enough, you want to take your cookie cutter and push it into the clay.

now peel off the excess, and you have your heart. I then careful lifted the heart off the wax paper and placed it on to a casserole dish, I would have used a cookie sheet but they were in the dishwasher!

Grab your chop stick with the small end, poke two holes into your heart to create a button. I repeated the step 5 more times, then place your dish in the oven let them bake for 30 minutes at 230F and they will come out hard and ready to use. 

I have only used the polymer clay one time before and I will be making a lot more buttons very soon I love how them came out.

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. Beautiful work I just love it...thanks for sharing


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