June 17, 2011

For the love of doughnuts ~ tutorial

I have had this tutorial in mind for months now, and yesterday I was craving doughnuts oh so bad but it was like 10 at night and I wasn't about to go get one that late. So I finally sat down and made some felt doughnuts as hair accessories, now it is finally checked off in my brain as made, not under to do. 

I also couldn't help to think about Ashley from lil blue boo the entire time I made them because, she has a love for doughnuts like no other and I love that she is proud of it!!!

For the love of doughnuts tutorial

thread and needle
embroider thread and needle
rhinestones and glue (optional)  
headband or hair clip

take your pattern (which will be posted sometime today) and cut out one pink for the frosting (I folded it because I made two doughnuts)

then you want to do the same as the pink except your not cutting out the center, now you have your two pieces for your doughnut..

now it's time to embellish the top of your doughnuts with sprinkles, either the embroider thread or rhinestones

For the first doughnut I chose to use the embroider thread

stitch random "sprinkles" around your pink felt until it really starts looking like a doughnut top

place your frosting on to the doughnut

take your thread and needle and stitch all the way around the inside and outside

now take a rectangle piece of felt and glue down the long side on to the back of your doughnut

now your doughnut is an interchangeable hair clip

or headband

I used rhinestone on the smaller doughnut (the pink felt on the smaller doughnut is not sewn on here, so it looks a little funny) I prefer the embroider doughnut but what ever you like best is up to you!

I showed Chloe her new headband this morning and she immediately said a doughnut :) she hasn't taken it off yet!!!

hope you enjoyed and if you don't have a doughnut to eat go make one out of felt!!!

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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