June 2, 2011

felt hair clips~tutorial

Today i'm going to show you a quick and easy way to spruce up those plain old hair snaps (that I think are pretty ugly plain) all you need is snap clips and some felt thread and needle and about 10 minutes of your time, lets get started...

Easy Felt Hair Clips

The finished project (I made a crochet bow for the first time I was pretty proud, so I threw it in the picture)
Aren't the all adorable though love each one I made I made them for my girls but I also wear them as well :)

This is how I made them I grab some felt ( I always have felt on hand, i'm in love with felt) some snap hair clips from for ever a go waiting to get this process done :) and a little template I created. I just placed a snap on to paper and traced around in making it bigger than the snap, I made two templates because I had two different size snaps.

I folded the felt over placed my template on top and cut a long triangle then I cut it to it's shape

showing you what it looks like before cutting it to its shape of the snap

now once you cut it to it shape you want to make a slip close to the top in the back piece for your snap to slip through so it holds in place

what the back of your clip will look like

once your snap is in place, you want to place the top piece of felt over your snap and bottom piece of felt, and this is where you sew the top piece to the bottom piece with some thread and needle.

I cut up all of my clips first and then sewed them up at one time :)

once each snap is sewed up, this is where you get to embellish them any way you want, for the rolled flowers i cut a circle and then cut a spiral out of the circle and rolled them up and hot glued them on to the clip easy peasy..

and thats it I still have a hand full of snaps that I still need to do, but i'm super happy on how this set came out and my girls love wearing them just have no pictures of them wearing them  haha

hope you enjoyed

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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