April 6, 2011

It's my birthday tee tutorial ~ Craft 11

So I knew that I wanted to make the girls their birthday outfits this year, so instead of going crazy and all out I just made a modern yet simple shirt with cute elements to it, like the "puff" sleeve. So if you would like to make a birthday shirt or and everyday shirt for your little girl or even your self grab and extra larger mens white t-shirt and lets get started.

It's my birthday tee tutorial

I have a pattern that I will up load tomorrow but for now this is how I made it. Take a shirt and place on top tucking the sleeve under and cut around leavings a inch for sew room

now making the sleeve (note if you are making a shirt for your self you will need two XL mens t shirts) you want to make a basic sleeve but at the time you want to make it twice to three times as long

take your sleeve to the sewing machine and ruffle the sides of the shirt that get sewed on to the shirt to give it the "puff" (you can ruffle it more than I did here because I did go back and ruffle it more)

and then your want to sew up both sides of your shirt until you hit the arm pit, then sew on each sleeve to the shirt, now for the 4 and 2 I took freezer paper stenciled the numbers ironed on and painted them on. Let dry and you are done a cute new shirt

close up on the "puff"

on Sora's little shirt I added

a little extra touch

I added a little something as well to mine a iron on transfer found over at lil blue boo Love how these shirts came out (note if you want a shorter width in chest, when cutting the patten take the top in a couple of inches)

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. puffy sleeves rock! Great tutorial. Talent I wish I had! New follower and would love a follow back. I moved from blogger to wordpress this week and would love some feedback.


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