March 6, 2011

doilies go hanging ~ tutorial Craft 6

So i've always wanted to make something with doilies, and while I was at the dollar store I saw a pack of 32 so I grabbed them also I grabbed some twine...and this is what I made...

doilies go hanging banner

doilies =1$
twine =1$
total =2$

grab a doily place the twine in the middle of it

fold it in half and then sew

doesn't have to be perfect as you wont really see it while hanging but just make sure you sew over the twine or it wont stay

I repeated 9 more times, and you get a super long banner stretches across my entire room..and then just think you could make two more banners ten long and a mini one maybe for the bathroom :) my head is flowing with idea with this cute banner I LOVE it 

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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