February 6, 2011

two toned skirt~ tutorial

I would have to say this is one of the easiest skirts to make and they look super cute with the two different coordinating fabrics, these have been my new itch lately I've made about ten for my girls and they will be great for summer time just around the corner.

so I have my camera back just some of these tutorials are from when i didn't have it :)
If you don;t have long enough fabric just cut two of each color and sew one side of each to make two long strips

it will look like this then you want to take your bottom strip bring it right sides together and pin down one side

after you pin and sew it will look like this, now you want to hem up the bottom and sew either one fold or two

now once hem fold in half right sides together sew up and you have a circular skirt. once that is done fold down the top for the elastic to be place sew around leaving a opening. feed the elastic through and if you have a label sew in at the point when you sew up the closure from the elastic. 

then you are done go put it on your cute and admire, I have so many for the girls made it's nuts but there great for mixing and matching and putting leggings or pants underneath, let your imagination run wild :)

Peace Love and Cupcakes

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  1. Adorable! I hope my son gives me lots of grandbabies, and at least one of them a girl! LOL -- but first I need him to finish college! :)


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