February 25, 2011

Featured and a pattern

I never realized how big a hit my little mermaid dolly would have been thank you all who have liked it. And all who have wanted to make one I finally have a better pattern for everyone who has been patiently waiting (so sorry) it takes me so darn long to blog these days. 
click on the picture and it will enlarge 

The other day a lovely blogger told me that she had made a mermaid dolly and I was so happy that she had sent me a link to it, to show me and it turned out so darn cute. And the cutest part about it is that she made it out of her daughters onesies that no longer fit her...in LOVE with that idea so many possibilities and to make a stuffy that she will enjoy for years is priceless. The person behind the amazing idea of using an outworn onesie is Terri from monkey bean momma and do you want to see her cute little dolly here it is but make sure you stop over at her blog and check out the rest of the photos. Thank you so much Terri for letting me see your great work with my tutorial :)

Adorable and such a great job

And if you have ever created anything with any of my tutorials I would love to feature you :)
Also my mermaid dolly  was also featured over at momma made it as one of her to do list thank you girls for liking what I do and I hope you like my many more tutorials to come :)...

On another note today I had a Chemistry exam and I rocked the house on that exam I did so good :) proud of my self lol

Peace Love and Cupcakes


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you like it! My daughter is chewing on it quite a bit, so I think she's a fan!

  2. Thanks for linking to me! I actually got one step closer to making a dolly, got the pattern all cut out and as soon as I get her all sewn up I will send along a picture!

  3. Well I finally got my Mermaid dolly made in fact I made two! Here's the link if you'd like to have a look! Thanks again for the inspiration and the link to my blog!



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