January 2, 2011

hair clip tutorial

This is a pretty basic tutorial but just in case everyone might not know how it's done...this is how to cover a hair clip and add little resin pieces to it...

you can find these cute little resin pieces online at trimweaver.com

hair clips
resin pieces
glue gun
glue sticks

what you want to do is get your hot glue gun hot, now open the clip like so place some glue on one side of the clip and they lay down your ribbon and go all the way around the clip to covered

does it make more sense by looking at this picture then continue all the way around

when finished it should look like this,it takes about 2 mins to do easy easy...

now take your cute little pieces any designs color of your choice and hot glue one on


or three as many as your heart desires

now go find your little ones and try it out

I think they are pretty darn cute if you ask me

so of course I had to wear one as well:)

hope you liked this easy tutorial

Peace Love and Cupcakes


  1. I do clippies like this all the time and love them!!! I am actually adding a tutorial on them today on my blog!! Check it out!!! Thank you, brooke
    I am following you now!
    Girl Boy Girl Inspired


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