January 15, 2011

good bye etsy

It's official i'm closing down my etsy shop if there is anything you would like to purchase I suggest doing it now :)...I just can't handle the stress anymore of it and now i'm starting school back up and I need my 100% attention to that, then to come home to do homework and be with my children and family...maybe one day when I have more time i'll open it back up..

But from here on out it's school my family (the girls and Erik) and then my blog i'll be posting a lot more tutorials as I will actually have time for them now :)

hope you all can understand, i'm not going to school for nothing nursing will be my career, i'm showing my children that you can accomplish anything, if you try your hardest you will succeed. Nursing needs to come first and my business can come later when my degree is in my hands.

Peace Love and Cupcakes


  1. Sounds like you've had to make some tough decisions lately. All the best finishing your degree. Jane:)

  2. Good luck, I love your shop and hope you come back someday! :)


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